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Fortunately, 3:30 am is still quite early. wink.gif
I'd recommend to you to get up, walk around, and wear some fresh cologne-like scent.
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Got up walked around, wore Mitsouko.
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Always a good choice.
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If any of you were wondering what my SOTD is today, I am now at liberty to reveal that it is Chinatown.
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I haven't worn Terre d'Hermes for a while now because of the frequency of which I've smelled it while just walking around in the Castro, same goes for Acqua di Gio but I've never worn that shit anyway. I need to revisit my bottle from 2005/3006.

Last night: Memoir Man
Today: Sycomore
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Coincidentally, I'm wearing Terre EDT today. I like this one in the autumn weather.

For those who haven't spotted it, since sorting my collection alphabetically, I've been choosing SOTD by house in order (mostly). If that's excessively anal, guilty as charged, your honour.
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PG's Tubereuse Couture.

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Today I met up with a fellow perfume junkie and sprayed on some Vagabond Prince. Delicious but too short lived. Great scent but I just can't do it for the price they're asking.
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SOTD Halston Man Amber
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Today: a moderate dose of Mugler's Pure Havane.
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Today: Tom of Finland Layered over Sycomore.
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Pre-shower: Eau d'Elide. Lavender and orange creamsicle.
SOTD: Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne
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Calamity J today.
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Today: Eau Sauvage

Tonight: Orange Star

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SOTE is Rose Barbare by Guerlain.
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