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SotD: Chergui

Speaking of "literal", I had the same experience with The Different Company's Sienne d'Orange. Not that big a fan.
Company TDC's and Atelier's might be interesting though.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

If any y'alls is wondering what I am wearing today, it is Jicky edt (a fragrance by Guerlain).



Originally Posted by b1os View Post

I almost wore Jicky parfum today!

You guys like the JIcky EdP?  Fragnet has it for $50 right now. I'm thinking of blind buying it. thoughts?

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I've actually only tried the vintage parfum (I've bought it for a quite cheap price when StC went first online and their prices were messed up), which is marvelous. I'd wait for rach's opinion, he's the master of Jicky in this thread. IIRC, EdP is preferrable to EdT, but quite inferior to the parfum (which is much more expensive, so I suppose 50 USD for 1.7 oz EdP is very well worth it). But maybe it was the other way around and EdT is preferrable to EdP? I remember rach saying something about different formulas.
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French Lover today. Works well in warm weather, the galbanum and incense give a 'cool' vibe
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