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Duel today. Dry tea dregs
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It's cool enough for some Tobacco Vanille today, yes!
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Kilian Amber oud today
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Today: Silver Mountain Water.
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Pre-shower: Ombre de Hyacinth
SOTD: Portrait of a Lady
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Winter will not leave. :censored:

Therefore Ambre Narguilé is my SOTE

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I don't know why, but I've really been craving florals strongly lately. Of course florals have always been my favorites, but I'm especially keen on them as of late.

SOTE is Olene, which is a magnificent jasmine.
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Tobacco Vanille
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Pre-shower: Chanel No. 5 Eau Première
SOTD: Cafe Rose
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Today: vintage Yohji Homme (haven't smelled the new stuff yet).
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SOTE: House of Matriarch Blackbird. mmm, like this quite a bit--oily leather, tar, black woods, smoke. Super concentrated (33%)

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Vintage M7. I'm a little disappointed by this; I was hoping for a bit more of a kick. It seems a little close to my skin. Perhaps I need to spray it a bit more.
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Angelique Noire. This green scent is much better than expected. Pity about the price.

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Hey what do you choo-chaws think I'm wearing for my SOTE if you guessed Spring Flower by Creed you were right.
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