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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

Still having trouble finding that summer fresh scent that will last on my skin. I love GIT, but (if i'm honest with myself), it honestly does not last more than 3-4 hours max on my skin.

As alternatives i have tried Neroli Portofino, which I revisited recently and did not care for it long term. Pour Monsieur, which i liked, but too smokey for the Florida sun. So i plan to look at some Aqua di Parma and Guerlain alternatives. Wish me luck...

MFK: Aqua Universalis Forte, Absolue Pour Le Matin and 754 are perfume grade summer scents.


Atelier Cologne: Grand Neroli and Trefle Pur are also higher concentration absolue.


AdP Blue Mediterrano line is nice, but they are not as long lasting as the above stuff.


Hope this helps.


SOTD: Aqua Vitae

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Acqua di Parma - Colonia Assoluta and Colonia Intensa are both excellent.

I agree with L'Inc's rec. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is excellent. I also get decent longevity out of Dior - Eau Sauvage. And Frédéric Malle - French Lover/Lys Méditerannée are both excellent, though maybe too floral to your taste. Géranium pour Monsieur might also be worth a try (also by F.M.).

You could try CdG - Odeur 53 (or was it 71?!).
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I'm wearing Ciel Man today.
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Thank you for the suggestions. MFK, Hermes, & ADP are available locally, so I will give them all a try. Thanks again.
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Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio. I do like this one. Pipe tobacco but not as sweet as many in this category.
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Pre-shower: Un Jardin Apres La Mousson. I've said this before, but this is by far the least enjoyable fragrance from the Jardin series.
SOTD: Geranium pour Monsieur.
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Its Tobacco Day. As I mentioned, I started with Tabac Aurea and wore 2 sprays all day at the office. I like the scent very much, but wanted to see if I could get a full day out of it worn at Workplace (2 sprays) levels. I did. Its a winner. Buying a bottle this weekend.


Got home and put Volutes EdT on the other arm, another winner, just to provide contrast and help me better define two scents I really like. Dang, its good!


Pressing my luck, tonight after dinner, I scrubbed what was left of Tabac Aurea on my left wing and sprayed Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, a frag I have been avoiding. I confess I expected to dislike it, despite the tobacco component, because I thought it would be too vanilla and too sweet. It wasn't. I found the opening very unusual, not at all what I expected. I don't get any tobacco in the opening at all--but rather a tangy, minty, spicy something. With a not cloying layer of vanilla underneath. AFter 45 minutes or so, that super tangy note subsides a bit making way for what I do recognize as a green cigar leaf note. Strange. In a good way. Anyway, its bright, spicy, green, lefty, almost citric, and surprising, AND, importantly, not cloying.  Seems like a bit of a projection beast, however. Not sure I'd ever chance it at work, but TFTV is a nice scent indeed.


3 for 3 with tabac today.

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IMO, it's the subtle fruity notes that make Tobacco Vanille really special.
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Would be very curious to hear the general consensus re. AdP:
Colonia, Essenza, Assoluta or Intensa?

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I'd get Assoluta and Intensa.
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I didn't answer VDMark's question because I knew b1os would weigh in sooner or later with the right answer!

I'm wearing Jonquille de Nuit for my eveningtime scent (SOTE).
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Wearing Amouage Dia today.
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This evening, Splash Forte. Giacobetti takes you to the edge of, but never crosses into, curry spices. I do enjoy this a lot, but longevity at about 4 hours is a little disappointing.
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Pre-shower: Lyric Man. The rose is definitely too sharp (it gives it a synthetic feel, imo).
Not sure on the SotD yet.
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Originally Posted by VDMark View Post

Would be very curious to hear the general consensus re. AdP:
Colonia, Essenza, Assoluta or Intensa?



Originally Posted by b1os View Post

I'd get Assoluta and Intensa.

This Q was posted at BN a while back, and Essenza seemed to get the most love. I only have the Assoluta, which is terrific. How different are the other 3? Is there a reason to have more than one of the 4?

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