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Cartier Roadster. I think this one is underrated.

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I have switched into the mighty Eau Noire for my eveningtime scent.

EDIT: I don't know why, but I hardly ever detect coffee notes, even when they're supposed to be front and center. I don't get coffee from Eau Noire, but everyone insists there's lots of coffee in there.
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Today, Aqua Universalis. I smell like the cleanest badass in the world.  


Yesterday evening, gave Memo Moon Fever (formerly Moon Safari) another whirl. The vetiver is not so prominent this time round, which is perfect for me!

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I don't get coffee from eau noire either, fwiw.
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Tom Ford's Oud Wood. One of my favorites.
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Today I am wearing the lovely Parure.
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Me too
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Today I am wearing the lovely Parure.

Me too! The extrait.

Edit: Not getting a bottle of this when I had a chance, now that my tastes have evolved (become more refined?), is going to haunt me.
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Wearing Orange Star today. Unlike the Hermes, this is orange with oomph.
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Paired Creed Aventis (one spray) with Channel Blue as my base.
It's working out pretty well and everyone I've walked past stops for a second dose.
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For a change, Endymion today.  I can see why people will like this, but it is bordering on boring to me.

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Wearing Orange Star today. Unlike the Hermes, this is orange with oomph.

Hey CD, that is Tauer?  I've got that one high on my Try List.  What are the prominent notes?


For me today, an old fashioned winter day--ice storm, trees falling on houses (including mine), power outages--I tried to lift my mood with Tauer's Incense Extreme. I really like it; but it doesn't seem to get much love among the incense afficianados. Its very unique, at least to my untrained nose.

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I am kickin' it Cuir de Russie (Chanel) style this evening.
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Even though the two small dabs of Parure is still has a lovely glow on my left wrist, I slapped on (applied via an atomizer) some Balenciaga Pour Homme on me tonight. For those who have not tried it, it is discontinued yet still available at an inexpensive price online, and I highly recommend you consider getting a bottle. I'm sure some of the veterans on here will disagree, but it is a hybrid, in style, of the Histoires de Parfums line combined with some of the high-quality exoticism of the Amouage men's line. One of the most opulent powerhouse male fragrances ever made.
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Holy crap, I was really close to applying Balenciaga for my SOTE and only decided on CdR at the last minute.
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James, Orange Star is indeed a Tauer. I would say it's a powerhouse in the sense that you smell more an orange oil than a citrusy EdC. It's about 8 hours since I applied it, and it still comes through as mostly orange, with a bit of Amber.

Andy Tauer offers a Discovery Set of 5 samples in a presentation tin for E31, shipped free. You can pick whatever you want in the samples. It's a great way to dip your toe into his range. I'm on my second sample set, and have tried 11 Tauer frags overall now. Since you can't buy Tauer in Australia, this is the best way for me to check them out.
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