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Another PSA.

L'Artisan has 25% off everything on their website + free travel atomiser + free shipping. Today only.

My final scent for the sample challenge today is Ambre Sultan.
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PG Cuir d'Iris today. Another beautiful leather, w a bit of iris mixed in to sweeten it a tad.
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Eau de Gloire today.
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Today is a day of Une Rose Chypree.
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Yesterday,L'Ombre Fauve, a wonderful amber. I like ambers, but there aren't many opportunities to wear them. Wonder how many ambers a guy needs?

Today I was in court and therefore frag free.
Tomorrow I'll be trying Taste of Heaven.
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Now that sample month is over, I've promised myself a week of catching up on the stuff I haven't had the chance to try yet.

Today is Ciel Man.
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Today: Vetiver Tonka.
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Andy Tauer again today: Une Rose de Kandahar
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Penhaligon's LP No 9
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Cologne du 68 today.
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SOTD Pal Zileri viaggio d'africa, smells so close to Vetiver Tonka
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I hear good things about the PZ fragrances, but I'm damned if I can find them for sale anywhere here.
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Mitchum Gel and Whole Foods Shea Butter triple milled for me today. I feel. ....naked
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There's a reason they call me Man of Purure (because I am wearing Parure).
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