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SOTD Sweet Redemption - Kilian
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White Patchouli for me today.
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Speakeasy is easy to like.
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Vero Profumo Mito EDP today.
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Okay, bunch of Perfumerie Generale samples today:

Gardenia Grand Soir - I'll admit a bias against most green florals, particularly gardenia, right from the start. I haven't even opened up the sample yet... here goes. Meh, that's it? I get greenish soapy floral like accord with not much else actually. BN reviews have little to say about this and they're mostly neutral. PASS

Felanilla - Hmmm, gourmand in a way. It smells niche, I'll say that. I get a strong vanilla base with hints of tea or leather or tobacco. Also a sort of warm melted plastic side. Something oily, like the smell of scented lamp oil. I'd say this is nice, worth a TRY if you're into things like Back to Black, Chergui, etc. It's nothing unusual but pleasant. Maybe overpriced. Don't rush out for it, but worth a sniff if you see it at a shop, or if you're deciding on your go to tobacco/honey scent, throw it in the mix!

Cadjmere - umph, not what I remember when I sniffed this ages ago. I get a hint of florals with something sharp and sour, sort of a fresh paint smell. Maybe old orange peels. This one is weird. I want to like it, just on principle, but I just don't. There's a sort of sour citrus combo. BN reviews seem pretty favorable. I get the comparisons to Tam Dao for example, in that there is a creamy sandalwood in there, as well as something that does smell like coconut milk. It also has hints of vanilla and incense in the base there. Is it niche, yes, is it worth sniffing, probably, but do I love this or recommend people to try it, PASS. Not because it's bad, in fact I'd say it's interesting, but for someone who knows what they like/not and are pretty advanced. You may possibly love this, but it's a risky one, so in general I'd say pass.

Indochine - hmmm, nice! warm sweet honey. Cozy, powder, sweet. Amber? Nothing interesting, but very pleasant and enjoyable. Pretty unisex I'd say. BN notes are telling me it's honey, spices, and benzoin. Makes sense. It's pretty boring, so if you have nothing along these lines, check it out, otherwise PASS.

Tonkamande - wow, well it's got projection! Again, very sweet, powdery floral. This feels girly. something fresh in there as well. Aha, BN's is telling me aldehydes and that's why it reminded me of a Chanel vibe. There's a creamy sort of powder, maybe some exotic fruit? Just read BN and it said almonds+wheat. Overall impression, it's ok. Seems a bit unfinished... PASS. Although I will say thinking back on it now, that wheat note is sort of like the yeast note in En Passant or Gris Clair and it adds something unique here.

Cologne Grand Siecle - Wow, bright realistic oranges. and lemons. And... that's about it. So if you love citrus, give this one a shot, otherwise pass. Overall, I'd say everyone needs a citrus and this isn't a bad choice, so TRY

Coze - very nice! oily rich wood, patchouli, cocoa(?). Reminds me of Borneo 1834 right away. Coffee, chocolate, boozy vanilla, spices. Wow, this is good stuff. Love it love it. Slightly green side. This smells like old wood with oil/polish on it. Also reminds me of vintage MPG Santal Noble with the gourmand undertones to a wood scent. Must TRY!

Aomassai - I'm getting a HUGE hit of something sticky and sweet, sort of like immortelle. Hint of powder, hint of green herbs. Custard? Creamsicle? BN is saying there's some sort of exotic woods here, which I do smell, it's unfamiliar. BN seems to have positive overall reviews, but in my case it's just not my cup of tea I think. It's an interesting combination with hazlenuts, vanilla, and (proportedly) incense but I find it too girly for me, plus minimal sillage/longevity. If you're totally into gourmands and hazlenuts and caramel sound like your thing, then try, otherwise assuming I know you guys pretty well, I'd say PASS.
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Nice summary, pretty much agree with all of them, especially Coze.  Cadjmere is very good though imo.


Wearing Creed Virgin Island Water today, such a sunny day I could wear nothing else.


Tried Odin - Roam 10 last night, very interesting light gourmond, good staying power and projection.  would say its peaked my interest and will be sampling again over the weekend.

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I'm interested in pre-ordering Tauer's new PHI Rose frag, but the site is saying they don't ship it to Australia even though Australia is listed as one of the destinations when calculating shipping. I suspect it's because it is not yet released, although pre-ordering is open. Anyone know how to go about pre-ordering this?
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and some Montales:

Red Vetyver - Well comparisons to Terre D'Hermes are well founded. It's got that spicey orange wood opening down, slightly sweet. I'm not sure what else to add to this except to say that it's very similar to TdH. While many would say the Hermes is a better buy because it's cheaper and personally I like the packaging more, this is a solid competitor, and for those with longevity issues, I'd say RV is a must TRY!. I'll still contend that this type of smell should be reserved for the 25+ crowd, which is probably most of you guys anyway. If you already own TdH and are happy, then ignore this.

Red Aoud - well based on black oud i was expecting a huge does of metalic oud with something else, and wow, gotta say this is nice! Yes, it's got a strong oud undertone but overtop is a rich pastry hazlenut accord. I'm very impressed and surprised with this one! Now this is a gourmand/oud scent! Into the drydown I'm now getting a chocolate accord. If you like things such as Noir de Noir for example, this is a must TRY.

White Aoud - First thoughts, it's Black Oud without so much rose. It's got that rubbery metalic oud that Montale is known for plus a sharp note that reminds me of fresh paint. I've been smelling scent strips for all the above reviews, but decided to actually put this one on my skin, and like most Montales, it's leaving an oily slick patch, and I mean that in all the best ways! OK resmelling, and it's the same. It's the basic Montale Aoud accord. BN reviews mention a combo of saffron, rose, and vanilla. I'm still getting paint thinner. A few minutes in and I'm getting hints of jasmine and something a bit more jammy. And the saffron's coming out strong now. Still, I'd say for now it's a PASS. Even more minutes later and I'll just conclude that this is a little boring compared to the rest of the line.
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Originally Posted by Osiris2012 View Post

Cadjmere is very good though imo.
Yeah, honestly still wrapping my head/nose around it. And keep in mind this is just off smelling the plastic stick from the sample. It was the most unique of the bunch and the most challenging. Could be the best, or the worst. Good example of niche aromas. It's worth smelling if you've got an advanced nose, but I ultimately suggested a pass for those wanting something easy to comprehend or that stands a chance of being pleasing to surrounding noses.
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Agree on all of your Montale reviews M-C. I'm inching towards going FB on Red Vetyver.
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Secretions Magnifiques for my eveningtime scent. For some reason I had a craving for it.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Secretions Magnifiques for my eveningtime scent. For some reason I had a craving for it.

Now there's one I really am not game to try.
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Yesterday: Comme des Garcons Blue Santal.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post

Agree on all of your Montale reviews M-C. I'm inching towards going FB on Red Vetyver.

Do you know if ordering it from Paris still gives you that option of getting a free 20ml bottle of choice when buying 100ml of anything else?
The juice is so strong I'd rather have a collection of 20ml's...
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Today: Yosh Sombre Negre.
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