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Guys, What are your thoughts on:



I enjoy Black Orchid, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. It is a very heavy, dense fragrance that many people read as feminine. It projects like crazy, so you need to apply lightly. Of the Escentric Molecules, I really like Escentric 01, which is lots and lots of Iso-E Super, but also a very bright lime note and pink pepper. It's a real compliment getter. Unlike Black Orchid, it requires a fairly heavy application.

I've switched into Moss Breches for my eveningtime scent.
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As Osiris mentioned, it is Cup Day here and a cracking sunny day, just gorgeous. I went with L'Humaniste FTW. There were doubts about its staying power among the tipsters but it kept up with the field and ran the race right out to the end.
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Another lovely sunny day here, so for the next sample in my challenge I looked for a citrusy EDC. I turned up a vial of Aspley Purple Water, which I'm really enjoying. Big blast of citrus on application, and I think I'm just picking up a hint of ginger in the dry-down, which I missed the last time I sampled this.
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Merchant Loup for me today.
So quick and lightweight, I think I missed it.
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Frederic Malle dries van noten today.


Vanilla and woods undertones blended quite nicely

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I like Dries van Noten a lot. I've been surprised at the lukewarm reaction of the online fragrance community.

Pre-shower: Black Orchid
SOTD: TV (Tobacco Vanille)
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I think part of the issue is the lack of projection vs its price.  It does die down to a skin scent pretty quickly.  I have seen a lot of people complain about longevity.  Seems to hold up for me.

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Yesterday and Today: Comme des Garcons 2 Man.
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SOTD Chergui
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Tom of Finland, because you all recommended it.
Verdict: good call! Winner!
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Iris Poudre. I like this very much.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Iris Poudre. I like this very much.

Very high-quality perfume. For orris scents, though, I prefer the depth of Iris 39, but I'd love to smell Iris Poudre on my wife (she smelled it and had zero interest in it).
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It's Ladies' Day at the races today, so I am wearing a ladies' cologne: Escale a Portofino.
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Wearing black orchid today and 2 months later my Lucky scent samples show up so look forward to trying those and sharing some impressions over the coming days.

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I am wearing Leather Oud for my eveningtime scent. Now I have a manly feeling.
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