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Of course we know Ron Burgundy's signature scent:
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Bois D, Orange by Frederic Malle.
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Idole EDT today
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L'artisan figuier extreme

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Black by Comme des Garcons: Smoke & Incense with an amazing vetiver base.
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Today: Tom of Finland.
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Wearing ELDO too, Eloge du Traitre
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Frapin 1697 sample today. This has possibly the most booze-ridden opening I've encountered, but it has settled down to a wonderful warm scent that is perfect for today's chilly weather.
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Day: Cartier Declaration

Evening: Vintage Tuscany per Uomo. Good stuff...
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Today I wore Incense Oud. My eveningtime scent, which I am wearing right now, is called Sahara Noir and it is by Tom Ford.
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Lubin Idole, boozey goodness.  Projection seems to have dimmed down significantly into the afternoon but I am a pretty conservative sprayer so maybe up that a bit next time.

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^^ ohhh, both lovely choices!
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Today: Sombre Negra.
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Today: Vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme. Interesting—I find this to have elements of Comme des Garcons 2 Man, and Ulrich Lang Anvers 2. Only, two decades earlier and way less expensive. I like it...

I went to the Roja Dove counter at Bergdof's today and spent the better part of an hour going through almost the entire line. Absolutely beautiful work. I gravitate towards classical maximalist fragrances and Roja seems to be one of the only ones left making these kinds of big, baroque scents with an old-school vibe. I mean, Diaghilev? Come on—it's brilliant. Pretty much everything I smelled, except for a couple of the ouds, I found interesting, classic and perfectly balanced.

The prices are pretty ridiculous, though, especially for the extraits and the triple-strength Oud. I mean, 750 pounds (almost $1200) for a 100 ml bottle is wandering into Emir-only territory. (The bespoke service—which I was told costs around $40,000—pretty much *is* Emir-only territory...
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

Today: Sombre Negra.

The notes on this sound really interesting:

"The emotional intensity of patchouli, vetiver and choya loban unearth deep mushroom notes, revealing sweet but unsentimental undertones of opoponax and tobacco. The diffused smokiness of pink and black pepper mingles with dry teak and cypress leaving an ephemeral illusion."

Wow, I'm in! does it match up to the sell copy? smile.gif
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