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Parfumerie Generale, Aomassai 10 today, - smooth woody caramel scent

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OK, so a point I thought I'd drop in here since y'all the type of guys who will probably care. Someone PM'd me a question about Testers being different from the bottles for sale. I've collected for years, own testers and retail bottles and also recently worked in the business at a high end dept. store selling the stuff for a few years, so take the opinion's source into consideration.

The "Testers are different from retail bottles" theory is one of the big myths out there with consumers. It's rather conspiracy theory like... but there is a sort of difference which I'll explain below. The short answer is that as far as I know there is NO difference with tester bottles and regular retail bottles. Firstly, in terms of production, you have to remember that these guys have assembly lines pumping out thousands of bottles. It's a hell of a lot easier for them to just make a few more and either not box them or blankbox them without caps to send out along with the product. Why would they bother making a whole new formula and then starting another production run just for a few hundred bottles. Plus think of all the obvious returns when customers smell a different fragrance in the tester and bottle. People smell 30-50 fragrances at a shop, they know what it smells like and would notice if there was a big difference. Secondly, what you may not know but having worked behind the scenes I can tell you, is that often the tester bottles are actually retail bottles. For many lines, when they launch the line they just open a bunch of product and get a credit note from the vendor. Lines like Ford literally open their retail bottles and put them out as testers. Or sometimes testers are returned retail product from customers that the vendor credits the store for and is either thrown out or used as a tester.

Now... all that being said, are there unintentional difference between the bottles on display and what you take home. YES, sometimes, and here's why. The batch where the tester and product come from are probably different. Testers may last 3-6 months while the stock turns over every month or two, plus it's coming from a big ol' distributor who may be recirculating stock from other stores or the manufacturer etc so there are batch differences. Second, the bottle on display is exposed to bright store lights, constant shaking by customers/SA's, and often has air in the bottle from being half full or less so it oxidizes. Plus the retail bottles are often stored poorly like in cold storage facilities or left near hot air vents or under hot display lights. i've been shocked at how poorly stock is treated before customers buy it, we constantly dropped boxes, stored them in not ideal conditions, cleaned and resold returned stuff (ok rarely, but yes), etc. Even with high end retail, it's about moving product and not taking returns (personal commission is lost and line sales reversed).

So yes, sometimes there are uninentional differences, and SA's generally will not know this / think about it, or ever admit to it, and certainly not want to take returns. Uh, returns suck for us, we hate it. Smiley face yes, but inside we're thinking of reasons not to give it. Sorry, sort of side rant there.

anyway, hopefully somewhat interesting for you guys.
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Chanel pour Moniseur cause I'm a monsieur.
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Great to see you back here, M-C! Also, really interesting post. Are you not selling fragrances anymore?

Pre-shower: Creed Fantasia de Fleurs. This is by far the best Creed feminine, IMO. At least of the ones I've tried, which I think is most of them.
SOTD: Tom Ford Cafe Rose, of which I smell like a champ!
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Tom Ford Lavender Palm
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Originally Posted by TJMAC View Post

Tom Ford Lavender Palm

Lots of Lavender Palm on the forum lately!
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Lots of Lavender Palm on the forum lately!
You should forward it to monsieur Ford. Maybe he won't abandon the fragrance.
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Guys, total total spamm plug here but I've got a LOT of stuff for sale if you click on the link in my sig. Mostly Ford decants and Malle and other goodies. I have a whole Flacon of Lavender Palm I'm really trying to move so message me about that in particular if you're interested. Happy to do multiple deals, give discounts for shipping, etc. Please take a look and see what interests you... spoilered version below....

Fragrances I have for sale!!!! (Click to show)

10ml Decants: (in nice atomizers)
Hermes - Ambre de Merveilles ($20)
Frederic Malle - Lys Medeteranee ($30)
Serge Lutens - Serge Noir ($20)
Armani Privee - La Femme Nacre (very rare, $800 for 100ml bottle, only 1000 made worldwide) ($70)
ByKilian - Rose Oud ($40)
ByKilian - Incense Oud ($40)
Creed - Spice & Wood (only available in 250ml flacon, rare to find decant) ($40)
Arquist - Anima Dulcis ($35)

15ml Decants: (in nice atomizers)
(These are the Jardin Noir series, prerelease to the public bottles in code names)
Tom Ford - Twisted Florals - Me! Me! Me! (Ie Lys Fume) ($30)
Tom Ford - Twisted Florals - Opaline Hyacinth (ie Ombre de Hyacinth) ($30)

30ml Decants: (in nice atomizers)
Tom Ford - Original for Men ($30)
Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille ($65)
Tom Ford - Lavender Palm ($60)
Tom Ford - Japon Noir ($80, discontinued, getting rare)
Tom Ford - Amber Absolute ($85, discontinued, getting very expensive)
ByKilian - Incense Oud ($120)

50ml decants: (in nice atomizers)

Tom Ford Private Blends - Tobacco Vanille ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Oud Wood ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Tuscan Leather ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Noir de Noir ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Neroli Portofino ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Lavender Palm ($115)

Tom Ford Private Blends - Champacca Absolute (1 left!) ($115)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Amber Absolute (priced a bit higher because super rare now) ($150)
Tom Ford Private Blends - Jasmine Musk (discontinued, getting rare so priced slightly higher) ($150)

ByKilian - Rose Oud ($200)
ByKilian - Taste of Heaven ($115)
ByKilian - Prelude to Love ($115)
ByKilian - Liasons Dangereuse ($115)
ByKilian - Love (don't be shy) ($115)

Retail Bottles or Testers
(ie normal retail bottle with caps in most cases but no official boxes)

Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @30% Lipstick Rose ($90)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @30% En Passent ($90)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @20% Bois D'Orage / French Lover (with cap, old style) ($65)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @20% Cologne Bigarade (with cap, old style) ($65)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @10-12% Dans Tes Bras (with cap, new style) ($35)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @30% Parfum de Therese ($90)
Frederic Malle - 100ml bottle @70% Parfum de Therese body Lotion (no pump) ($70)

Acqua Di Parma - 100ml Colonia Assoluta (brand new, no cap no box) ($110)
Acqua Di Parma - 100ml Colonia Intensa (99%, no cap no box) ($110)
Acqua Di Parma - 100ml Magnolia Nobile limited edition (brand new, beautiful bottle, with cap, no official box) ($150)

Serge Lutens - 50ml (90-95%) Bas de Soie (with cap, no box) ($95)
Serge Lutens - 2x5ml delux samples in boxes of Clair De Musc ($25)

Byredo - 100ml Palermo (brand new tester, cap, no box) ($185)
Byredo - 100ml Gypsy Water (brand new tester, cap, tester box) ($185)
Byredo - 100ml Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man (brand new tester, cap, no box) ($185)

Chanel Les Exclusifs - 200ml Sycomore (brand new, cap, no box) ($200 + shipping's a bit more, this sucker's big!)
Hermes - 35ml (100%) Voyage Parfum (tester no box, says Tester across front) ($50)
Guerlain - 50ml Mitsouko EdT (brand new with cap, no box) ($40)
Parfums de Nicolaii - 100ml (95%) Mimosaique (I think this is discontinued) ($110)
Parfums 06130 - 100ml (95%) Lentisque (with cap, no box) ($110)
Maitre Parfumer et Gantier - Jardin de Nil (vintage/old style packaging with cut class bottle) (with cap, no box) ($100)
Stephanie De Saint-Aignan - 50ml (95%) Un The Au Sahara (with cap, no box) ($70)

12 Delux Samples (atomizers in box)
Diptyque - Do Son ($30)
Diptyque - Do Son EdP (2 available) ($30)
Diptyque - Eau Duelle (2 available) ($30)
Diptyque - L'Ombre Dans L'eau (3 available) ($30)
Diptyque - Philosykos EdP ($30)

Perfume SOLIDS
(partly used but cleaned off and sprayed with rubbing alcohol. Tiny bit of wear and tear on the cases, almost nothing)
ByKilian - Back to Black - 50% ($40)
ByKilian - Liasons Dangereuse - 90% ($65)
ByKilian - Taste of Heaven - 80% ($55)
ByKilian - Straight to Heaven - 50% ($40)
ByKilian - Beyond Love - 50% ($40)
ByKilian - Sweet Redemption - 90% ($65)
ByKilian - Prelude to Love - 85% ($60)
ByKilian - Cruel Intentions - 90% ($65)
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Jubilation XXV tonight
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cross post

Just picked up a bottle of this

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For my eveningtime fragrance, I am wearing a fragrance of which is called Secretions Magnifiques. It's by Etat Libre d'Orange.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

For my eveningtime fragrance, I am wearing a fragrance of which is called Secretions Magnifiques. It's by Etat Libre d'Orange.

Ewwww, NASTY!!!!!!!

Last night I wore Oak Moss, by Parfums Regence. They are the same ones who make Kolnisch Juchten.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

Ewwww, NASTY!!!!!!!

Last night I wore Oak Moss, by Parfums Regence. They are the same ones who make Kolnisch Juchten.

Have you tried Secretions Magnifiques?

Pre-shower: Terre d'Hermes. Even though I don't wear this a lot anymore, this is the fragrance I have worn the most of over the course of my lifetime. (Also, this fragrance is associated with lots of good memories. Probably my happiest time was in 2007, and I was wearing TdH a lot then.)
SOTD: Nuit de Tubereuse. At first I was a little disappointed with this, mainly because of all the sharp pepper at the top, but now I'm coming to like it quite a bit. It's strange how that can happen.
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I tried it on a blotter, but I sure as hell didn't put it on my skin. I was being overdramatic, by the way. I do, though, find the sour, sharp, metallic quality of Secretions to be impossible to get over.
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I don't actually wear Secretions Magnifiques when I go out in public. (I used to, though, and even received compliments!) But yeah, it's not exactly pleasant.
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