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Iquitos today. The thing I love about older powerhouse scents like this is the big development journey they take. There is so much life left at the end of the day and it's really a different scent than the one you applied in the morning.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Were you out shopping today? (Is that what you meant by "the counter?") If so, did you get to try Attar de Roses?

I like Bullion quite a bit; it's definitely one of my favorite Byredos. It's too bad it's so hard to find.
I rather meant that I tried one of Keiko Mecher's scents, and while I was also thinking about Attar de Roses, I ultimately decided in favor of Bois de Santal. Sorry that my choice of words was imprecise and thus confusing.

SOTD: Not sure yet.
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SOTD HdP 1969. Very good longevity but currently undecided whether I like to smell like a chocolatey peach the whole day.
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SOTD (yesterday): MFK Amyris Homme.

I thought this was a cheerful little scent. It's not going to light the world on fire, but let's be honest, neither am I. It had really poor longevity though, which sort of kills it for me.
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Update: Chanel - Bois des Iles.
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Pre-shower: Agonist Liquid Crystal
SOTD: Jeux de Peau
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Last night, I weeded out some samples out of my top tier of sampling:

SL Santal Majuscule
YSL L'Homme Libre
MFK Lumiere Noire Pour Femme
FM Iris Poudre

They will now go into a bag for archiving.

Today: Portrait of a Lady.
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EDIT: Whew. I feel better now, thanks.
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Tough post to follow. Still,

SOTD (today): Guerlain Habit Rouge.

I like the vanilla base a lot. But I get a really strong rose note and I'm not sure I like it that much. I'm going to wear it a few more times before I move on though.
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Pre-shower: La Pluie de Soleil (Phaedon)
SOTD: Portrait of a Lady
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Last night: Odeur 71

Today: 34 Boulevard St. Germain
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A heavy dose of Equipage.
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

A heavy dose of Equipage.
It's evening and I haven't felt the urge to apply something for today yet, but I'll apply some Equipage now for the evening hours and CL. Thanks for the inspiration.
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Needed something that could handle 40 degrees early and 70 degrees later in the day so I went with Gucci Pour Homme II. Nothing else in my wardrobe struck me as something that I'd like at both points. Contemplated Declaration d'un Soir and ELdO Like This but gave the nod to GPHII.

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I'm becoming addicted to cologne. What a curiously fun hobby it is to smell scents. I almost never wear it going out, but I'll sit around at my desk spraying it for the sake of smell. Now I'm buying lots of samples on ebay just to compare them. This is going to get out of hand.
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