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Creed MI today. Wore it to see a French film; I guess that's apt.
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Halston Man Amber. Still loving it
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SOTD: Oud Cashmere Mood.
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Last night and into today: Kolnisch Juchten - I've been conditioning a man-purse (shog[1].gif) I had made at Village Tannery in New York and it needed a lot of penetration of Sno Seal. The heated leather beeswax aroma filled my house and so I'd thought I'd accentuate it with some good ol' birch tar. I also burned some oud incense, that I got from Japan, that I also coated with a small dab of melted ambergris from a lump that was given to me from a buddy of mine. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

My wife is out of town, by the way, so I could stink the place the fuck out!
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SOTD: Oud Cashmere Mood.

You must be an early adopter. :-) What do you think of it?
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PDN Musc Intense
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Comme des Garcons 2 Man
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Amouage Tribute Attar

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Fahrenheit was still noticeable (wore the same shirt today), so nothing new for the day. Now, for the remainder of the 85th Oscar's ceremony, I've just applied some Secrète Datura.
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PDN Musc Intense

How do you like this? I had high hopes, but I was pretty disappointed. There's a pear note in there, and for some reason, my nose interprets pear notes as cheap.
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For one thing, I'm impressed by its staying power; it's been a good 8 hours & it's still going strong. It was a random grab from my sample box today, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would--it's kept me sniffing all day.
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Bvlgari Black

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1725, first impression is that it's a bit too "creamy" for my liking but we'll see how it wears
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Chanel No. 22
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