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Yeah, I can't believe that's going to be the price. Also, looking at the listed notes, I'd be surprised if it were all that similar to Amber Absolute.
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SOTD Tonka Imperiale

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SOTD: Live Jazz
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Muscs Koublai Khan - Hate everyone in the office today so i dont care.
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Now that the evening has arrived, I am wearing La Tulipe.
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Today: Sycomore
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^ Me too, was wearing dark green trousers & wanted a dark green scent to go with.

Off to Bali tomorrow, will probably be Caldey Island Lavender for the week. Don't think the heat + humidity will permit anything else.
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SOTD: AdP Colonia Itensa Oud.
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Originally Posted by itaos View Post

SOTD Tonka Imperiale


Gucci Pour Homme II
Blindbuy for 30€, could not resist. I like it so far, very subtle and yet relatively longlasting.
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SOTD: AdP Colonia

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Chypre Palatin
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Today: Aedes de Venustas Signature Eau de Parfum.

I haven't really worn this since I got in on a split when it first came out, and I'm noticing a lot more incense (and what seems like cedar wood?) than previously. The super crisp and green rhubarb at the opening gives the incense a clean brightness that one wouldn't normally associate with incenses (at least I wouldn't, but I'm not an incense expert, either...) It's a pretty straight-down-the-line linear fragrance, as well, but in the dry down I'm definitely getting more "weedy" vetiver than I remember. The rhubarb stays in there pretty much throughout, though.

I was in AdV before the launch and Karl brought out one of the latest mods they were working on, so I was lucky enough to spray some on. It was an incredibly bright and tart rhubarb, with more lemony citrus and less sweetness and incense than in the final. In any case, it was interesting experiencing a work in progress and then being able to tell what had changed in the final fragrance. Overall I like it, but probably not enough to wear often...

Has anyone else tried this? I'd be interested in hearing your perspectives—
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Chergui today
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Jubilation XXV
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SOTD: M7 Reformulated

Sampling Amouage Interlude Man and Creed Royal Oud. Both great, the Amouage has the most interesting smell but versatility goes to Creed. Decisions...
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