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Montale Sandal Silver today
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We've had some reprieve from the disgusting heat, Egoïste today, Black yesterday, MKK sat night.
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Today - Sicilian Limes by Shay and Blue.
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Pre-shower: Hanae Mori HiM. As Rambo said the other day, this is definitely aimed at the mainstream fragrance market, but it's nonetheless very good for what it is.

SOTD: Portrait of a Lady. Not aimed at the mainstream fragrance market.

EDIT: Just got a very strong compliment on Portrait of a Lady. A colleague in the English department just came to my office to ask what I was wearing. She said it smelled amazing!
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How much of PoaL do you apply, L'Inc?
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Today: Tuscan Leather.
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SOTD: Knize Ten.

I just received some vintage (80s?) Caron Pour un Homme and tried it out. I find the lavender to be much more bracing than the current version, and the lemony vanilla to be not as sweet and creamy, either (or maybe it's just that the camphorous quality to the lavender overpowers the vanillic sweetness?).

In any case, it seems *very* different, but I like it...

(That is, if the burning now on my wrist goes away....)
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SOTD: Caron Pour un Homme
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Wearing Amouage Epic Woman today, epic incensey rose, breathtaking..
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

How much of PoaL do you apply, L'Inc?

I went a little heavier than usual today: four sprays.

FYI, there's a very good deal on Dior Ambre Nuit at STC. Don't know how many of you have tried that one, but it's one of the best--and maybe the best--of the Private Collection, IMO at least.
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Today testing out Kokorico (sp?) and M7 Absolute. Both actually pretty nice!
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

Le Labo Santal 33 - Oil version.

I had a client in the shop today tell me that Le Labo recommends people to leave their newly compounded bottles alone for a few months to macerate. In theory it makes perfect sense, but I can't see how they expect people to do that. Anyone heard of that?

I've known a few people to relay that and have heard from a few who say it was fascinating to observe the effects of maceration as their bottle came together. That said, I think it's an interesting marketing angle, and it seems to work among a very small sub-set of the population: the ones who think nothing of dropping that kind of dough, who probably have backup bottles, who like the personalized labels, who want to be a little closer into the process, and like the theatrics.

I mean, consider wine buyers who wait YEARS for their wines to mature.
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Sampling Perris Bois D´oud, not impressed.
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SOTE: Creed MI
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Rose Etoile de Hollande for me today.
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