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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

I'm going to New York this weekend and look forward to going to MiN New York!

If you have the time and are interested, the Le Labo and Atelier Cologne boutiques are right next to each other just a few blocks from there...
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Pre-shower: Lagerfeld Photo--vintage
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^ TF Noir - tried that at the counter in Nordstrom's.  It wasn't bad actually.  The sales lady was kind of rationing my spray.  She controlled the bottle, very weird ... Some salespeople are a major turn-off when shopping.



SOTD:  CDG Hinoki

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i broke a sample of MFK Pour le Soir and now my bathroom smells like an unwashed cunt
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Belated best wishes, L'Inc!

I am at home today and therefore wearing Muscs Koublai Khan which I came to enjoy after some time.
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SOTD: Monsieur de Givenchy reissue. Classic. I'm loving the dry down of this: soapy, woody, mossy...
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Originally Posted by green bastard View Post

Belated best wishes, L'Inc!

I am at home today and therefore wearing Muscs Koublai Khan which I came to enjoy after some time.

Thanks, GB!

I'm wearing MPG Secrete Datura on a wonderful springy day in STL.
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Encre Noir today
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Mancera Sand Aoud today
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Today: Derby reissue.
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Pre-shower: Hasu-no-hana. This is definitely my favorite of the original three Grossmith scents.
SOTD: Feminite du Bois (Shiseido)
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For the BBQ, went for Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain, and really liked it. Sunday wore Djhenne. They are both now on my wish list.

Boring office scent today - Bulgari Man
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Wearing Terre d'Hermes today. As I think I've noted before, I don't really get the hype here. Today, in an effort to understand (and given the fact that I'm home alone) I put on a mega-dose of 10 or so sprays. At high volume, it's a little more interesting to me, but still not outstanding. I'll probably try again in a few more months.
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AgarAura - Royal Kampuchea (pure oud oil). Very interesting. I'm very much looking forward to Taha's (the guy who runs AgarAura) oud-rose mukhallat.
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So, since the wife and kid are gone for the weekend, I went to MiN to waste time checking out some fragrances. I went mainly to explore more fully the ELd'O line (thanks, L'Inc), but of course ended up staying for at least an hour and half talking with the salespeople and taking an olfactory journey. They were knowledgeable and quite generous with their time...

I left with samples of ELd'O Eloge du Traitre & Malaise of the 1970s, as well as one by Naomi Goodsir (Bois d'Ascèse) and one by Nobile 1942 (Patchouli). I could've taken a lot more, but since these were gratis, I pared it down to just four...

When I got home I sprayed Malaise on one hand and Eloge on the other. Wow, Malaise had *way* more balls on paper. On my hand it's a tame and boring buzzy citrus. Smells like a teenaged boy's mall scent, to me. This is supposed to be punk rock? It's more Blink 182 than the Sex Pistols, I'd say...

Eloge, on the other hand, is really nice: dirty, camphoraceous/piney, herbal, smoky and leathery, with a Yatagan-like celery note I didn't pick up on paper. I will wear this one full-on at some point...

I'm looking forward to trying the other two, as well. The Bois d'Ascèse on paper was a heady smokey incense fragrance (I was reminded of Bois d'Encens, but smokier I think) and the Patchouli was a nicely balance patchouli.
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