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Today: Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours. Bois D'Ascece grew on me throughout the day yesterday. Nothing earthshaking, but a solid, pleasant incense, which by the end of the day I could imagine making part of a regular rotation.

Cuir Velours is also very solid--a smooth leather/tobacco concoction which at times throughout the day has reminded me of elements of other favorites: it has something of Tabac Blond's powdery feel, but not much. At times, there's a sweet note reminiscent of the cherry I smell in Chergui and Back to Black, but it's more subdued. Again, I wouldn't mind smelling this regularly, though I'm not sure I'll go for a bottle.
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Tom Ford Extreme - definitely a step up from the regular TF. good thing I got a little of this to keep on hand.
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SOTD: The Third Man by Caron
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SOTD Aventus
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Pre-shower: Chanel PM
SOTD: Tom of Finland
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Wearing Noora by Swiss Arabian. Orange, honey and sandalwood CPO. Also testing Attar Al Kaaba by Al Haramain, fantastic attar. Great cheapies
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

Today: Guerlain Vetiver.
'Like my mother, I used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, before developing my own product, Body Silk. And I’ve worn Vetiver by Guerlain since I was 18. I think I nicked it from a boyfriend.'"

I first read about her wearing Guerlain Vetiver in the FT a few years ago and I've been wearing it ever since. Whatever it takes to bring me closer to Elle.

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Originally Posted by sjmin209 View Post

Aedes also has a very good sampling program (7 for $15, plus a small discount if you later buy a full bottle of what you've sampled).

Even before the split, the Perfumed Court seemed slow to me. I greatly prefer STC, but still use TPC occasionally when I can't find something elsewhere.

That's been my experience with TPC/STC as well—

SOTD: Caron Pour un Homme, again. Old school, and I'm surprised that really like it...
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Another warm day in Sydney, SL Eau Froide
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SOTD: Nassomatto Silver Musk. Definitively need to wear this more often... But I am treasuring the little left I have smile.gif
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SOTD Jubilation XXV
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Today: CdG Harissa.
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Pre-shower: Diptyque Eau Rose. It's a bright, crisp, feminine rose. It's among my favorite rose scents.
SOTD: Mona di Orio Rose Etoile de Hollande
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Wearing Creed Windsor for the first time today. This fragrance is amazing, easily my new favorite.
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SOTD: AdP Essenza.
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