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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

Stopped by the Hermès boutique yesterday and snatched two samples of the new Jour d'Hermès. I've just smelled it sprayed on a band so far. Citrus, prominent pamplemouse and generally spring/summer-y, tad on the feminine side. Anyway, seems to be the only place where you can get samples nowadays.

I like this one a lot. If you spray it on your skin and let it develop, you'll find that it becomes much more floral. It's a complex bouquet that doesn't really have a single floral note that dominates.

Pre-shower: Prelude to Love
SOTD: Memo Luxor Oud. The first couple of wearings, I didn't get this at all; it seemed like a straightforward fruity floral. I applied more liberally today, and more facets of the scent emerged, including the oud. I like it a lot more now.
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SOTD: Monsieur Balmain. It's giving me a big fresh hit of citrus, without the detergent smell of the Asprey. Blind buy, but I think it's a keeper.

Swap box sounds a great idea, but I assume you would not be able to accommodate Australian members. smile.gif
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D&G The One
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

There are so many excellent woody fragrances, but Tom Ford Santal Blush is the one that comes to mind first. I'd also recommend Byredo Bullion if you can find it. (It was a limited edition.)


Thanks for the suggestions!


Today: Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman.  Enjoying the floral notes in this and how they work with the light suede-leather.  Might have to be Ambre Russe tomorrow.

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Today: Habit Rouge EdT.
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Wearing cdg Kyoto on a travel day.
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SOTD: Rocabar. Solid.
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

Yep, we ran into that a while back as scheduling issues came up, and some folks got overwhelmed. It was a big box the last time I saw it. My guideline is that I sniff maybe a dozen, grab half that for further review, and put in whatever from my own stash that I've ignored / lost interest in - bearing in mind that this is a chance to sniff the scents that aren't available everywhere - the L'Artisans, Private Blends, Exclusifs, Malles, Lutens, Labos, ELdOs etc.

That would be an issue. As I, and probably others, would need to receive the box in specific months or weeks of the year.
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Tom Ford Noir.
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Cuir Mauresque today
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

Heyo, checking in... my keyboard was burning...
So the next edition of Swap Box is in the works, I'm planning to get this organized by January and have it launched by either end of Jan or mid-Feb.
I'm thinking of changing it up a little actually. Let me know your thoughts guys.
The idea is to split everything into two boxes. The first box going round is a TESTING box, it will have everything grouped by fragrance line with the intention to cover as many lines as possible and their full offerings. The box is for people to try the fragrances or experience a whole line that they might not have access too and it makes no sense for us all to buy samples here and there. This box only gets added to, samples are never removed. If you have samples from the brand, add them to that bag, if you have a lot of a brand not in there, make a new bag. (I work in fragrance at retail so I have compiled a good 5-10 full ranges of samples for major lines and would hate for people to randomly pull samples out here and there and create gaps. It's taken a long time to get everything fully covered).
The second box with be the SWAP box, basically one bag of niche, and one of designer stuff and it's more or less a take whatever give whatever pile for all the remaining stuff. Even if it's a 'dumping ground', there are plenty of people for whom one guys junk is another's treasure. This is more like what we had going 'round before. This box will also probably contain a good chunk of decant supplies incase people want to make samples from their collections or create mini samples from decants that get put into the box. The other reason for this split is that everything just isn't going to fit into one flat rate priority box...

Sounds good. I'm down for both.
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Today: Mugler Pure Havane. Good stuff.
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Pre-shower: Tokyo Milk Bulletproof. It's probably been over a year since I've worn this. It's okay, but not more than that.
SOTD: Cartier Declaration d'un Soir. I'm still enjoying this one a lot.
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L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme.
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PDN New Work today
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