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Today: Habit Rouge.
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Noel au Balcon


'tis very nice.

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L'Occataine Vetyvier.
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Narciso Rodriguez for him yesterday
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L'air du desert Marocain today
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XXV today. It's brilliant, just not for me. I'm way too young at just 20 to pull this off.

It reminds me a lot of Idole in that heavy rhum-like way.
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@worakl are you referring to Amouage Jubilation XXV?  I like it also, but its not something I could wear regularly.

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That's the one! Can someone explain why I associate it with Idole de Lubin? I looked at the notes but couldn't see any liquor...!
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Today: 40 Notes Perfume Oudwood Veil.
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I am wearing Jour d'Hermes, which is a scent by Hermes that I am wearing today.
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Timbuktu. I could bathe in this stuff...
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Emailed Hermès and was able to get a few samples for free, now only if CdG offered free samples I would be happy. From my purchased samples from prefumedcourt, CdG was my favorite.
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This evening: Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood - this got pushed to the back over the months and it's a real cozy pleasure to be wearing this high quality, but relatively inexpensive sandalwood fragrance.
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Today: Hermes Bel Ami.
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Helmut Lang Cuiron, once again. I'm going to use this bottle up one of these years.
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