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This is my third time wearing it, and I've had the same sense every time: it's just a little too earthy and matte for my taste. I wish it had a little more lift. I think it's a good fragrance, just not to my taste.
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Today: Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie

I have a sample of Volutes in my bag today in case I want to give it a try again. The first and only time I've tried it I was unimpressed by the heavy amber quality.
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

That's what I went with today. Wife thought I sprayed too much and then went into her standard "Gramma's bathroom" commentary.

I get a lot of that as well. It helps if I don't care what she thinks, and then I'm pleasantly surprised if she likes something...

SOTD: Miller Harris L'Air de Rien. Sweet & animalic in the beginning, smelling a bit of sweat & soiled underwear (can I say panties?) Definitely a body smell... There's something salty and fizzy, too, that reminds me of Hermes Eau de Merveilles (I'd say ambergris, but it doesn't seem that's an official note—) Dries down with patchouli becoming more prominent, but the ambergris note is still there, with what seems like some amber in the base?

I'm drawn to this. Ok, I'm a little grossed out, but I'm strangely into this, as well. I'm not sure where I could wear this, but it's definitely one to keep around. (Next time I probably shouldn't test it by slathering it on before work, though...)

Edit: I sprayed more on after work, and I get more civet in the opening, for sure. I also get a weird eucalyptus note....
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Musc - Keiko Mecheri
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The new Bond Musc - definitely nothing worth worrying about.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

The new Bond Musc - definitely nothing worth worrying about.

I could say that about any of the Bonds I've tried.

Today: I originally planned on Tobacco Vanille, but saw the bottle of CDG Avignon and decided it needed some love.
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Last night around 8:00 I sprayed Guerlain Vetiver on my left wrist and on my right Vetiver Tonka. This morning they smell like two different versions of soaps on my wrists, which I am assuming is the lingering musk component making it smell like soap.
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Love and Tears--by Kilian. It took me a while to warm up to this, as I'm not a great fan of jasmine, and this is almost a jasmine soliflore. But I'm enjoying this very much.
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Today: Tabac aftershave and have a sample of Derby to use later.
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Today: Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant.
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Yesterday: Nez à Nez - Atelier d'un Artiste.


This is heavy... Reminds me a lot of Idole but just more boring, which in turn just ends up smelling like an alcoholic.


Today: Encre Noire


More like it! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Vetiver, without being too green. Very, uh, sexy?

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SOTD: Rocabar.

I was surprised to see 3 creed fragrances at century 21 yesterday... They were retailing for $179: silver white mountain, green Irish tweed and santal.
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Man, I feel like a real fucking man today with my odor!
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PDN New York.
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Switched into Japon Noir.
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