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I also have been wearing PoaL for the last couple of days. There's a dryness to it that I find very pleasant; I guess it's part of the patchouli but I find that it actually makes the scent very masculine. Or very clean, at least. I shared it with a couple of (female) friends and they all fell in love with it as well; I've been bombarded with text messages asking me where the hell they can get it for less than 300$.

To answer my own question from a couple of days ago - it was clear and cold today again and I wore ambre russe and have really enjoyed it. The vodka note is oddly comforting (and, to my nose, really really alcoholic), and there's something that comes off (to me) as very ripe plums. Basenotes has "Russian Tea" listed as one of the notes, so maybe that's it, but it's an almost prune-like scent. It's very warm and boozy (which is, I think, how another member described it). I'm not sure I can identify the leather, and I also don't get anything overtly "feminine" from it - something I would say about a lot of the scents I have tried recently, most of which have been marketed as "feminine" scents. It's all just, like, a state of mind, dude.

To whoever recommended i (l'inc?)t: I actually have a tiny decant of De Bachmakov that I've been returning to over the last month or two, and I don't think I love it. It really smells strongly of coriander to me, and not much else, which sort of just makes me think of body odor - on me, at least.

Rambo, I'm not sure what a pile of pussy smells like. I was thinking more like leaves. Or roses with frost on them. You know, poetic-like.

Oh, and speaking of Ropion/Malle, I have also really been loving une fleur de Cassie! It seems to have a similar dryness to PoaL; almost chalky. I dig.
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Colonia Intensa by AdP. Classic. Simple.
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Over the past few days: Oud 27, Dzongkha, French Lover, No. 19.
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SOTD: Cartier Declaration.

So, after work I headed over to Aedes to check out Portrait of a Lady. Wow, this is really beautiful juice. I'm pretty much a rose virgin, but the rose in this is a little dark and a little dirty, with a big patchouli kick that keeps it in perfect balance. I got fruits, but nothing too sweet, just a well-balanced composition that kept calling to me all evening...

I scored a sample, so I'll be wearing this fully at some time in the future to really get the whole effect.
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I'm glad to see everyone trying Portrait of a Lady lately! I think anyone who loves fragrance has to try it.

I've switched into Jicky edt for the evening. I've gotten accustomed to wearing Ungaro II when I wanted that kind of vibe, but Jicky really is in a class by itself, IMO.
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SOTD: l'eau d'Hiver FM. It's starting to feel like winter in here. That's why.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Pre-shower: CdG Red Rose. This, along with Caraceni 1913, is one of my biggest rose disappointments.
SOTD: Bijou Romantique

Have you tried Iquitos?
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Today, an unusually warm day, even for Texas. Went with Etro Shaal Nur: a dry incense / vetiver / vanilla
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Yesterday, Halston Amber Man. wow wow wow, why didn't I discover this juice a while ago. It's one of the best Amber scents out there.
Will give Ferrari Oud essence a full wearing today.
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I love this 

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New York Amber
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New York Amber

Speaking of Bond - anyone had a chance to try the 2 new scents yet? Can't remember the names off the top of my head.
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SOTD: Straight to Heaven. Still have a love/hate affair with this little one. Once considered it for full time rotation but there is something that bugs me about it. Not sure what, which makes it even more disturbing.
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Yesterday and Last Night: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather - I was put off by the berry component of it at first but have grown to really like it for its berry + vanilla-leather aspect and also, more importantly, my wife likes it a lot.

Today: Colonia Assoluta - creamy floral citrus, with a lot of ylang ylang to make it feel very old-school masculine, as in Old Spice. I really have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that B. Duchaufour and J.C. Ellena created this.
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Have you tried Iquitos?

I have not. Is the rose prominent in Iquitos? Based on the reviews I've seen, and on the pyramid, it looks like there's quite a bit going on.

Pre-shower: Allure Homme Edition Blanche

(I just realized now that I bought those two bottles on the same day.)
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