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Today: Chanel Pour Monsieur
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SOTD: Chergui. In love with this one for the last 5 years. Don't wear it often but it keeps surprising me every time. It also does very well for me when smoking a cigar, for some unknown reason.
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Woa the new mobile app is capricious. Apologies. Don't seem to be a way to delete a post...
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You can edit them to "..." or "double/triple/.. post". Makes it easier to read.

Jicky pre reformulation parfum today.

Just saw that Grossmith has released a new line. Black label. Golden Chypre, Amelia, Floral Veil and Saffron Rose. Yes, very expensive but the ones I've tried were very high quality. I think I have to try at least Saffron Rose and Golden Chypre. I wonder what their take on it is.
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SOTD: Chanel Allure Edition Blanche.
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Pre-shower: Santal Sacre. It's a bit like Le Labo Santal 33, except even sharper because of the prominent ginger note.
SOTD: Jour d'Hermes.
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Tom Ford Noir yesterday. Not initially impressed but its not bad. Smelled similar to regular TF, but slightly more earthy.
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cool, damp, wearing a suit today: Knize Ten.
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HdP 1828 Today.
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Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris

I recently got a full set of Monegal samples, and am slowly working my way through them. Thus far, they've bee well-made but fairly linear scents. After a brief opening burst of ylang ylang, Impossible Iris is a fairly smooth shot of iris with little variation. Pleasant enough & fairly long-lasting, but not outstanding.
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Azzaro Pour Homme
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Today: Dzing!

I went and got a Annick Goutal Noel candle from Neimans and planned on getting a bottle of Mouchoir de Monsieur but they were out of stock. My homie at the store, though, hooked me up with a very large sample of Derby as well as TF's Tuscan Leather.

If you guys are wanting a lovely Christmas candle, you should get the Noel - it's the best evergreen holiday candle available, in my opinion.

Went to Jacqueline Perfumery and finally picked up a bottle of Parfums Regence (same maker of Kolnisch Juchten) Oak Moss, which I've been wanting for a long time. Andre, the proprietor, swears that it is still made with the real stuff, and it certainly smells like it based on my limited experience with the real stuff. It's very earthy, with a dried hay and wet, broken-down tree bark quality.
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