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Today: Sprayed Dior Leather Oud on my left wrist and then Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie on my right for a funkified experiment.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

Today: Sprayed Dior Leather Oud on my left wrist and then Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie on my right for a funkified experiment.

Is your wife out of the house? Or you maybe?

I can't remember, are you a big fan of Leather Oud? For me, there are times when I think it's just divine, but other times when I find it rough and overpowering.
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I picked up a decant of Leather Oud from someone here and was sure I was going to love it, but I really can't stand it. There's some note in there that really rubs me the wrong way, I think a sharp woody note that give me near immediate olfactory fatigue. I love Oud Cuir Arabie, BTW, and tend to love both leather notes and oud notes.
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Amouage Ciel today, chosen by blindly reaching into a bag of old sample sI'd largely forgotten.

I think I may have badmouthed this before, but today I find it to be a very pleasant skin scent. I doubt I'll be dropping $265 on it anytime soon, though.
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Amouage - Dia Man. Starts good, becomes great. Labdanum, citrus, frankincense, some floral elements, woods, vetiver, cardamom and a touch of leather, musk. I understand how the bang for buck might not be optimal but nonetheless it's a very good scent.
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Sprayed Chanel Les Exclusifs Eau De Cologne on my wrist this morning. It's a citrus, neroli, and petitgrain done perfectly. I think what gives it a soul though is the very slight spice accord, very much like a harissa note but low-level, that makes the scent smell like it's "glowing".
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Yeah, the Chanel EdC is great. Unfortunately, the sample bottle's cap ("decant") was a little loose so most of it evaporated.
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All this talk of Oud reminded me that I have a bottle of Oud 27 that's not getting any younger.
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Today: Chanel Bois des Iles.
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I wore Leather Oud as my bedtime scent last night to remind myself of its qualities. I think it's a wonderfully complex animalic leather, but it's just too masculine for me to pull off comfortably. And I am a very masculine guy by any standard!

Pre-shower: Notturno Fiorentino by Bois 1920. Haven't worn this in a long time because it's really a cooler weather scent. Very pleasant oriental with a prominent rose note and heavy tonka bean and vanilla base.

SOTD: L'Interdit (vintage).This is more in my comfort zone than Leather Oud.
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Eau Noire yesterday. Really love that scent. I think I've said it before but immortelle has a way of putting me in a specific mood - kind of melancholy and pensive, not in an unpleasant way. Makes it great for weekends, not so much for work.

Kouros today. I think I wear this every few months just to remind myself how crazy this is. I mean, I don't think I've ever sprayed this on without being taken aback by the sheer brutality. I can't believe this is a mainstream scent that's been in circulation for 30 years. I walked out of the restroom after applying it and my wife backed away from me like I was surrounded by a powerful electro magnetic field. It's kinda magical.
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That one "anti-aging" (or whatever) cream from L'Occitane (I think it's actually called immortelle) smells like pure immortelle. I was actually positively surprised by the risk they take of releasing a product with such a polarizing smell. Sure, the product focuses on immortelle as an ingredience, but that doesn't mean that it has to completely smell like it.

I'm wearing Midnight Oud by some Juliette who has a gun for the evening. Like others have pointed out, it smells extremely similar to Dark Rose by Czech & Speake (sp.?). Again, like others have pointed -- and I totally agree --, the main difference is that Midnight Oud has a prominent geranium note which differs from Dark Rose's santal note. Not sure yet which I prefer.
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Eau Sauvage today.
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L'artisan - Navigateur.

I feel like smelling like a century old, dog-rolled leather Chesterfield sofa on a wet Wednesday afternoon deep in a Tirolean gorge. Or thereabouts.

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Just a fragrance FYI: It looks like Divine has a new masculine that's available now called L'Homme Infini. Yann Vasnier is the perfumer.
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