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I used to dislike vetiver quit a bit, owning only a vintage L'Occitane bottle for several years. During my exploration I tried the ribbed Guerlain bottle several times and wondered what the hubbub was all about, and so I retried it the other day when I saw the "old fashioned" bottle and knew that the scent was different and was finally a scent that filled a niche I was looking for (The Different Company Sel de Vetiver was not as arresting when price was considered). My "gateway" vetiver, though, was Sycomore - after smelling this everything clicked. I think Jean Claude Ellena actually did a very good job with Vetiver Tonka - Hermes gives quite generous testers but not really good for application, so I decanted it into a purloined tester atomizer I got from Nordstrom and really discovered how pretty it is. Soon . . .

I finally sniffed Sycomore at my local Chanel boutique a few months back... I saw why so many like it. Definitely good juice and I could see myself owning some. Maybe next time there is a split...
Another to try would be the old givenchy vetyver... it's harder to find and coveted by those who have it (unfortunately I don't!) .

Overall, for me, the weird, dry pizza-doughy aspect of the Malle was hard to beat (ignoring $$$)
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I'm trying to remember who uses the Etro Vetyver here, but I don't think I'll have the urge any time soon to amass the world's most comprehensive collection of vetiver perfumes.
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Last night, after a shower: Eau Sauvage.
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Pre-shower: Pure Oud (by Kilian)
SOTD: TF Violet Blonde. This is one of my favorite scents.
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I finally bit the bullet, bought a few larger atomizers, and consolidated my decants of Knize Ten into a single bottle. And today I'm wearing it because it was cool and wet outside.
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I sprayed some Violet Blonde on my wrist this morning to see what L'Inc is getting from this stuff. I always thought it was a lovely scent as well.
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It's just your normal 100 degree October day in Los Angeles, so I used up a sample of Gendarme Grabazzi. I smelled way too clean, so I layered on a spritz of Kiehl's Musk.
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Chanel pM today. Didn''t get any projection, unfortunately.

Chergui and Rose Poivrée for the evening (not layered). I still like both, less inclined to wear Rose Poivrée in public though.
And, again, I had a different perception of the scents than the last times (especially Chergui since I've only worn RP once so far), like it's the case for the last few days.. weird.
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post

Burning the candle at both ends today, and decided to wear A*Men Pure Havane for a chilly morning. hell yes.

thought we were gonna split some of that. i haz too much perfumes nao :sadpanda:
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today :


comme des garcons - incense quarzazate ( series 3 ).  i really really like comme des garcons fragrances.  very unique and not that many around.  this one is very peppery.  comes in a black bottle with a chrome cap. 



yesterday :


comme des garcons - red sequoia ( series 2 ).  one of my favourite.  a one of a kind smell.  it comes in a see though red bottle and a silver cap.

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hey guys, can perfume age and smell even better or stronger after some time on the shelves at home?
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SOTD: Chanel Allure. Edition Blanche. (ATF)
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Originally Posted by View Post

SOTD: Chanel Allure. Edition Blanche. (ATF)

I'm a big fan of that one. I don't like anything else in the Allure series, but Edition Blanche is really wonderful.
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Originally Posted by stayhealthy View Post

hey guys, can perfume age and smell even better or stronger after some time on the shelves at home?

It can CHANGE, given oxidation, settling of the oils, etc. but it's not something that ages like a wine or scotch. So, no, I don't think really you could say it smells "better" if you mean an improvement upon what the parfumeur wants it to be the minute (s)he puts it in the bottle. It goes in at its peak and changes/degrades from there.

My guess as to the "better" or "stronger" you describe has more to do with climate/weather in which you are wearing it than the actual juice chemistry. Many comes alive or project differently in different weather.

For example, I had some Il Profumo Aventure that I received during the summer months and was terribly disappointed... flat, boring, no projection. I nearly sold it off or traded it, but then gave it a try again in October/November and it was like an entirely different fragrance... deep, warm, rich, lovely. So, one could say it "aged" better, but in reality it was just the change of the seasons (hot/humid vs. cool/dry).
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Today Vintage Furyo

I also blind bought an EdT bottle of Dunhill Blend 30 as many say it's very similar to Patou Pour Homme, but I found it nowhere close to the masterpiece. This bottle is definitely going to my Dad.
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