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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

I bought a bottle of Apres l'Ondee on ebay and it just came, wearing it for the first time. A very pretty floral. Lots of violets, it's nothing like anything else I wear but it seems perfectly appropriate for a man - it's floral like a stroll through a flower market, not like a perfume. Very bright and fresh, it doesn't smell particularly old fashioned either. Good projection and longevity so far, too.
I'm curious about the parfum now. It's impossible to find but I'm having a hard time picturing how such a bright fresh style of scent would be interpreted as an extrait.

The only three real "full on" floral extraits I've had were Chamade, Chanel Gardenia, and Diorissimo. The first two, I felt, worked better as an EdT. The lightness and freshness of the florals felt a little heavy to me and overly-sweet when full-on in the parfum (probably an inevitable result of parfum-strength vanilla/tonka in many florals). They were still lovely, of course (especially Chamade). Diorissimo, however, was amazing as a parfum; the bright lily/jasmine was grounded with some dark, indolic funk (becoming almost unisex).

Orientals and chypres are my favorites in extrait; they get to play up the dark depth of their bases and so take on a whole different character (like Coco, which is LOUD and sweet in EdT, is a dark, smokey liqueur in parfum). LIkewise, Mitsouko becomes woodier, darker...
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I am very curious to smell the AbdesSalam Attar creations after reading the nyt article
From the article i guess its very hard to compare his creations to anything out there...

Is it carried anywhere in NYC ?



Wearing today to match the rainy fall weather: Un bois Sépia, by Serge Lutens.
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At least Surrender to Chance carries some. So for sampling that's good. I'm not familiar with the shipping rates from ilprofumo to the US, but if it's too high, maybe some sort of proxying may be cheaper? I don't know, but let me know if you've figured it out.

Like I said, I only tried Sharif so far, which is interesting. I wish it had a little less "cinnamon" but otherwise it's very enjoyable nonetheless. The fact that they're 100% natural adds something too. wink.gif
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So, I finally got a chance to wear Patchouli 24 yesterday. I really like the *idea* of it, but in reality it kind of smelled like over-oaked bong water...icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

(edit: HORNS, I just saw your post. I think a barbecue would be a great place to wear Patchouli 24!)
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I switched into Je Suis un Homme for the evening. It's a citrusy cologne-type scent that's also fairly dirty. I like it quite a bit, but it doesn't make it into my rotation very often.
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Today: Geo F Trumper Sandalwood.
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Stinking hot in Sydney today (stark contrast to last friday, the coldest october day in 60 years), Philosykos provided some relief
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Burning the candle at both ends today, and decided to wear A*Men Pure Havane for a chilly morning. hell yes.
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Pre-shower: Ombre de Hyacinth. I don't think I'm going to warm up to this one.
SOTD: Fumerie Turque.
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Nice choices, fellas. The 50 years of Hedione above sounds interesting. I enjoy those kinds of things, conceptually if not as an actual scent (anybody remember Helmut Lang Velviona?)

It's almost time for bed and I'm nursing a small cold... so not feeling like wearing much of any fragrance. I shall make sacrifices, however, for I haven't NOT worn a scent to bed in years. Maybe a little Arpege to tuck me in. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

Pre-shower: Ombre de Hyacinth. I don't think I'm going to warm up to this one.
SOTD: Fumerie Turque.

What do you think of this one?

I wore Tom Ford: Grey Vetiver today. Earthy, but nonetheless not too fond of it. There is some sweetness to it and I get hints of... carrots?
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I don't like Grey Vetiver either for the same reason over the sweetness.
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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post

I don't like Grey Vetiver either for the same reason over the sweetness.

This was my problem with the reformulated Guerlain Vetiver, too. The old was a wonderful smokey tobacco vetiver, and the new one some sweet,creamy-ish citrus on top. Vetiver does best, IMHO, when it's quite dry and woody (one reason why I like Vetiver Extraordinaire so much).

Most of my stuff is now packed up... so not many choices for SOTD. Have a small atomizer of n19 extrait I keep on hand, so will probably let this one travel with me...
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Amouage - Ubar
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