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Halloween in a bottle for me today... Lancome Magie noire Parfum.

Another in the grand old sadly dead chypre oriental file. Dark, smokey, green... Mitsouko with no peach, YSL "Y" but darker, Miss Dior's friend who sings in a smokey jazz bar all night.

A very weird, wonderful scent that I rarely wear, but I'm pulling out some old favorites for fall.
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Speaking of fall, it was 53 degrees out there this morning, overcast, and not going to get much warmer, so I dusted off one of the bottles of Knize 10 and applied liberally.
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Originally Posted by sjmin209 View Post

I also don't get melon from Rocabar, though I'm glad to see it being discussed. I dusted my bottle off earlier this week & remembered how much I enjoy it.
Today I'm wearing Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia, a motor oil / brake fluid / leather concoction from about ten years ago which has always reminded me in a strange way of Dzing!. If Dzing! is a hay-filled barn where a few animals have bedded down, Nostalgia is that same barn converted into a hobbyist's auto shop.

I love Nostalgia. I ran out about a year ago and I really need to go buy a bottle. It's really a great scent, very amiable and pleasant despite the odd notes of motor oil and leather.

I smelled a bunch of stuff at the mall yesterday. I've smelled Portrait of a Lady before on a woman I know, but today was the first time I really got intimate with it. Wow, it's brilliant. I sprayed some on and wore it for the rest of the day. It's a very potent scent. I'm struck by a sharp soapiness deep in the heart which I assume is an herbal note. And all the dark dirty woods and spices - I love that interplay between clean and dirty. This is really a very special scent. I hate spending lots of money on bottles but I may have to get this some day, or maybe we should do a bottle split.

I was accosted by the scent guy at Barney's and he ended up having me smell tons of things. It wasn't what I wanted, as I had limited time and didn't want to have things thrust upon me, but I did end up smelling some pretty interesting scents. Unfortunately, I don't remember what most of them were, since I haven't kept up with the new niche lines and there were too many to keep straight, but the guy was friendly and knowledgeable. Some things I do remember: revisiting En Passant and remembering what a lovely scent that is. The new L'Artisan Seville a l'Aube - wasn't at all interested but the scent guy insisted I sniff it and, yes, it's actually really great. I loved it, want to have it. I smelled Byredo Sunday Cologne and thought it was a very nice edc, and seemed like it would last a lot better than most.
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Dzing - cage where elephants have taken a shit

Nostalgia - truck used to pull the cage full of elephant shit into town.
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aramis 900.  herbal eau de cologne.  what do you guys think of this scent?  at the time i would have thought that this scent would be too old for me but now at 46 it's the right one.

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I'm a fan. It's a rose scent but it's dry and green and herbal too. It's clean, but not in the modern way.
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Caron Eau de Reglisse today
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ELDO Rien today. I think this is probably my favorite leather.
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The L'Artisan Seville a l'Aube is very well made, for sure, but it seems like the market is saturated with neroli scents.

Yesterday I was at the Columbus Day celebrations in North Beach (the traditional Italian neighborhood in San Fran) and chose to wear Geranium Pour Monsieur for the beautifully warm weather. Then I got drunk as a skunk (I have today off) and sprayed on Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie and then decided it was a great idea to then layer over Knize Ten. crazy.gif
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^ so, how did Mrs. HORNS deal with this?
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Originally Posted by Homme View Post

Decided to wear a purple shirt this morning, so Bois De Violette today


Color suit/jkt?

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Speaking of fall, it was 53 degrees out there this morning, overcast, and not going to get much warmer, so I dusted off one of the bottles of Knize 10 and applied liberally.

Think I'll do the same if tomorrow's forecast pans out.

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Tom Ford - For Men. Quite nice. Could be a bit longer lasting but otherwise I enjoyed it.
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Wore Borneo 1843 this morning and got called a 'hippy' by my girlfriend. This afternoon I visited a specialist shop to try some l'artisan. The owner of the shop really dislikes the house for some reason and spent his time actively trying to get me to try other brands. I hate aggressive sales pitches. Eventually he allowed me to sample some - Al Oudh seems pretty good, although more animalic than I expected. Poivre Piquant was alright as well.
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Speaking of Oud, I also remember now that I tried the Le Labo oud. I don't really like most of their stuff, but that one was pretty nice. Very oudy.
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