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Bois des Îles, parfum.
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Today: Habit Rouge
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HORNS, I far more enjoy your kitten avatars.
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

HORNS, I far more enjoy your kitten avatars.

It's a classic character from The Onion newspaper.
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I've never tried Parure... I shall have to remedy that soon.

Again a very muggy, sweltering, rainy/cloudy day with no sun. Jicky EdT to the rescue... gives a thick, yet fresh, layer of stink. I doubt many of you have lived through a south Japan rainy season... it's so humid as to render even the lightest, freshest scent cloying and awful. So, one must choose carefully something that will stick close to you and do well with your sweat. Miss Dior, yes. Jicky, yes. Eau de givenchy, yes. Cartier Declaration and Eau d'hermes, no. Tried the other day the latter and it was really bad. Same with Joy... the civet/rose/jasmine ended up just smelling like a layer of dirty socks and sour milk. Eeek.
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Originally Posted by rach2jlc View Post

I've never tried Parure... I shall have to remedy that soon.

I really think you'd like it. It doesn't have much of the stink factor that you like so much, but it is a wonderfully executed, complex chypre.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

I really think you'd like it. It doesn't have much of the stink factor that you like so much, but it is a wonderfully executed, complex chypre.

I tend to love the classic Guerlains, even when they lack the stink. For example, Chamade is absolutely wonderful, and not at all stinky. So, I shall search out parure this weekend (there is a Guerlain boutique just down the road.) ONly good thing about Japanese summer is, well, that the Japanese are French brand whores and there is a flagship store for just about every conceivable maker in almost every Japanese town.

I read (and believe) that there are more LV boutiques just in Japan than in the rest of the world combined. Traveling for conferences and/or meetings, I think there is a boutique in every city with more than 500 people in it. lol8[1].gif

There is no Caron store, though... too stinky. frown.gif
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In that book "Deluxe - How Luxury Lost Its Luster" the author stated that 40% of Japanese own at least one Louis Vuitton item.
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Nice to see you going back to the ELdO's Cupcake. Haven't seen you wear Secretions in a long while.

Was at the swanky mall today and did some testing. While in Saks, I found that Chanel has a new Allure Sport Eau Extreme. I guess that's the equivalent of a parfum. I don't fucking know with these names any more. Sort of a regular Allure smell with a hint of sweetness. Not half bad. Then, tried the new Cartier Essence de Bois, which is a sort of woodsy play on Eau de Cartier, if I'm remembering that correctly. Again, not half bad.

Killian has 2 new scents out - the Asian Tales line, built around Chinese Calligraphy, a pure art combining simplicity and spirituality. (exact copy of what's on the tester pamphlet. Just wait, it gets better). Bamboo Harmony is the olfactive impression of a subtle sip of white tea taken in the heart of a bamboo....a moment of spirituality. (a bamboo what, exactly?). Water Calligraphy is an olfactive impression of an aquatic flower sitting next to a pond of water lillies....a moment of delicacy.

Bamboo Harmony doesn't actually smell half bad. Water Calligraphy is VERY feminine.

Saks also has a new exclusive from Annick Goutal called Nuit Etoilee. This smells like fucking Christmas to me. Either pine, or gingerbread, or some shit. Actually, it smells like shit to me, would be a better way of describing it.

Then, I hit the Niemans, and found that Prada had released its Infusion d'Iris in a Parfum. This was absolutely heavenly. A bit feminine for me but you guys who like that (Cupcake, Rach) should DEFINITELY try this out. I'm betting its going to be a real hit on here. Unfortunately, its an exclusive at Niemans for a little while.
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Hm, I got a lot of blackberry from Nuit Étoilée. I didn't hate it at all, but it's not my type of scent. Didn't get an indolic shit-vibe though. biggrin.gif

Reminds me.. still need to try the last Prada Private Line parfum I have.
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@ Rambo: I haven't reported Secretions here in a while, but I've been wearing it around the house. I still enjoy it a lot! I just got samples of Like This and Bijou Romantique from ELDO. I'm a really big fan of Like This, and I think I'll like Bijou, but I need to give it a full day's wear before I'm sure. The top of Bijou reminded me a little of Charogne, which I like very much. (Based on the notes, it shouldn't remind me of Charogne, but it does!)

Not a big fan of the Asian Tales from Kilian. Bamboo Harmony smelled like a sweetened wheat-based breakfast cereal to me. Water Calligraphy seemed pretty bland for such a high-priced scent.

Thanks for the heads up on the Bois d'Iris parfum. I'll have to give it a try for sure.
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Since I enjoy the vintage L'Interdit so much, I thought it would be interesting to try the much-maligned 2003-2007 reformulation. What surprised me most is that there is scarcely any connection at all between the two scents other than the name. It's a fairly generic smelling fruity white floral that seems to be aimed at late teen and twenty-something women. It completely lacks the aldehydic sophistication and depth of the original. Honestly, I think it was dishonest of Givenchy to market this under the name L'Interdit. This isn't something I'd ever wear, not because it smells bad, but just because it's so generic.
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Does it smell like little boys?!?!?
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

Cuir Mauresque today. I find this to be really very close to Knize Ten - this one is more modern, less floral, more fruity, but still the overall effect is almost exactly the same. I may like this one a little more even, but not sure if it's worth the extra cost compared to Ten.

Hmmm.....I was just about to replenish Ten. Does Cuir have as good a longevity?
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