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Santoni handmades

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Could someone please tell me where one could get to see a good selection of the handmade Santonis in the Northeast and if there are any especially notable web- or mail-based stores that might offer them at a relative discount?
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Discounts I don't know, but they have a store in Manhattan. I think the Nordstrom stores in NJ and Tyson's Corner in DC carry a selection.
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I know the Nordstroms in White Plains has Santoni but maybe only 1 or 2 styles of Handmades. Richards in Greenwich also has Santoni but the same applies. However I don't know the exact date but they are going to have a fall trunk shoe with a few exclusives??? Other than that I think the NYC store is your only option. If you like PM me and I can give you some contact info for Richards etc...
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