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Hi everyone, Today I popped into the King of Prussia Mall and lingered around the Hermes store. So many beautiful things. I saw a really nice pale pink shirt for $295. I will be in New York on Thursday, and hope to visit the New York Hermes store. What do people think about the quality of Hermes shirts, and their value-for-price? Also, does Charvet have a store in New York? How are their prices like and how do their shirts compare to Hermes'? Thanks gentlemen.
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Charvet - IMO better than Hermes. Charvet does not have its own store but sells through stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Stanley Korshak, and probably a few more.
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i have a good half dozen hermes shirts they are very nice, good fit, good cotton, decent sewing, etc., but overpriced in my opinion ('ve had some problems in the past with buttons falling off after a few wearings, seams coming undone .... ) a borrelli or turnbull&asser are in the same basic price range and are superior shirts like all things hermes, you're paying for a long established name - there is no doubt that is of good quality with an interesting subtle subdued sense of styling, just overpriced - buy on sale only charvet would be a better french shirt maker than hermes watch out for sleeve lengths on both hermes and charvet, the french seem to have or measure against short arms
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Thanks for the info. How do I know when exclusive shops like T&A, Hermes, Charvet, Borrelli (who do not like to broadcast their sales) have sales? Hermes shirts cost about $295, what is the price range for Charvet, Borrelli and T&A?
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visit often or just ask when they will have seasonal markdowns it's generally once or twice a year or after the end of a season but varies from country to country and store to store for example, hermes stores in switzerland have incredible sales every january for three weeks, but that's the only time they have a sale; the hermes store in nm in detroit seems to have a sale at the end of spring/summer and again at the end of fall/winter, but it does not coincide with the same dates that the hermes store in toronto has their end of season sales if i recall correctly, t&a in london had a sale commencing after boxing day on 26 december for prices, i know t&a shirts start around $230/240 for ready made and approximately $280 per shirt for bespoke but with a minimum order (i think it is 6 shirts? i've never ordered so i don't recall specifically) as for charvet, if i recall correctly from the store in paris, their had shirts start at approximately $265 - i believe they're in the $300 range in new york
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it's generally once or twice a year or after the end of a season but varies from country to country and store to store
I appreciate the information you shared. Thank you.
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