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Need some advice on sizing a Viberg 2030 boot.  I measure a US9.5D on the Brannock device but have a high instep and meaty forefoot so this size doesn't always work well for me.  My foot fits perfect in the US9.5E Alden Trubalance & Alden Barrie lasts.  I could go up to a US10D in both of these Alden lasts but the shoe is a little to long IMO and the ball of my foot sits back a little from the widest point in this length.  What size Viberg 2030 Service Boot should I get?  Do they offer the boots in various widths?


Lots of sizing posts in the main Viberg thread, but some people take the same as Barrie.  Some folks go down .5 from Brannock and others a full size.  You would probably be safe with a 9.5.  Good luck.


The 2030 is E width and if you want to go wider you have to go with a different last (2040/2045/110 etc).