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Hitman009, I'm not sure if I am the person you're thinking of, but I started a thread on interchangeable-buckle belts a few months ago. In a nice bit of luck I found a bunch of Trafalgar belts at Filene's basement (dark brown and black) with switchable buckles shortly thereafter. Allen Edmonds used to carry them but stopped doing so.  In the thread someone mentioned that both Moreschi and Hermes sell belt straps as well. A few known sources: James Reid Ltd has a great selection of belt straps in a variety of widths and also sells a nice selection of silver buckles. I found calf belt straps at Brooks Brothers a while ago, but now can only find them in alligator. Finally, there seemed to be a decent selection of belt straps at David Morgan at reasonable prices. In short, I found that interchangable buckles are not easy to find, but are also not that rare if you keep your eyes open. Please do let me know if you find any good sources for really nice, high-end leather belt straps (e.g. any Brits out there who know of a saddle-maker that also does gorgeous belt straps? Any New Yorkers have dope on 7th Avenue suppliers of high-end, post-season items?).
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I'm not sure if I am the person you're thinking of, but I started a thread on interchangeable-buckle belts a few months ago.
A few more: Martin Dingman's exotic belts (alligator, lizard, etc.) and custom-made straps have interchangeable buckles. The standard calfskin ones do not, however. All the belts that I've seen from LAI have had interchangeable buckles, although that may be because the retailer where I've seen them (Harold's in the Heights) always orders them that way. The buckles are the kind with the teeth that grips the strap rather than the snap kind that the other already mentioned use. Moreschi belts are made like LAI's belts, with the tooth-closure interchangeable buckle, but the price point on them is extremely high. I don't think that they represent good value. Most of the US custom bootmakers will also make belts (to match your boots, you understand). Because you buy the flashy buckle set separately, these belts will of necessity allow you to interchange buckles, and they don't have to be particularly flashy.
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Seems there is no love for the lizard, at least vote-wise.
Well, I like lizard a good deal. It's just that I like alligator and crocodile better. And it escapes me why a lizard would be more disgusting than a crocodile. Or a cow, for that matter.
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Alligator and caiman belts last for decades. Lizard seems much more delicate. My experience may not be the norm but even with light wear I found that the skin creases and then breaks at the buckle. Will
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I don't like smooth calfskin at all. Many here seem to prefer it for its clean look but a belt is an accessory and if lizard or alligator skin is too exotic for one's environment I think one should at least wear grained calfskin. Smooth calfskin is still better than shiny leather though.
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Another vote for croc/gator here. I am more partial to the matte finished. I do have a very nice Dingman lizard skin belt in black. It is inbetween a gloss and a flat matte finish ( maybe do to age, I have had it a few years? ) I think a lot depends on the buckle and if the "loops" are leather or a metal variety. To much metal on the tip/buckle and loops detracts from the belt or makes it to "flashy" for my tastes. Respectfully, John
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