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Gucci sweater

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I saw a really great Gucci sweater in a consignment shop last week. It was black, fairly soft but still very dense weave, zip front, plain bottom, short stand up collar of the same fabric, and short zippers at the sleeves. Very fitted. Like a cafe racer jacket, except it was a sweater. Unfortunately it was too small. I don't care about the sleeve zippers, either way. Does anybody know where I can get a sweater like this?
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Why not try getting one handmade.
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Why not try getting one handmade.
It's too bad my grandmother has long since given up on knitting.
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Is Banana Republic too ghetto for you?
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My wife has just such a Gucci sweater, in black. Hers has little side tabs as well. Very sleek sweater. I bought it for her at Saks Fifth Avenue about 3 years ago for Christmas. The Saks here in the DC area (Chevy Chase, MD, actually) has a huge selection of Gucci and always has lots on sale in their pre-Christmas sales. The one I bought was womens obviously, but perhaps they make a similar style in mens.
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Go to, and phone all of the Gucci outlets (I thinik that there are 2). The sweaters you are taling about are between 2 and 3 years old, and you *may* get lucky. Good luck.
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