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I prefer French Cuff, no question....they look better and are more comfortable. I try to always wear french cuffs when I am "Dressing up", and have been doing it a lot when I go out to nice bars/clubs. But my work is casual, and even frenchcuffs with no tie is overdressed, so I wear barrel cuffs then.
Couldnt agree more. Alaaro. They are much more comfortable than barrel cuff shirts. Its a pity you couldnt wear a French cuff shirt with no Tie to work. Iwas talking to a chap on another forum & He is the only one at his work who does that. The others are into polo shirts.Yukk. However you could wear a French cuff shirt and Cufflinks to work and when you got there, unfasten the links andfold the cuffs back, leaving the links hidden in the cuff. Stuart