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Advice Sought for eBay Listing

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I have offered these Santoni shoes on eBay on two separate occasions now. Each time I have attracted watchers (3 the first time and 6 the second) but not one bid.

As far as I can tell I am asking a reasonable amount for them, given they are NIB tan socks. I am certainly not extravagantly lining my pocket if they sell at the minimum price.

Can anyone suggest how I might improve this listing to make them more likely to sell?
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Great shoes, just not my size. Here's what you need to do:

1) Figure out how to get an Australian listing on ebay.com. I'm in New York, and a search on ebay.com doesn't find your shoes.

2) Make it clear that you ship to the US

3) Get an accurate translation of the UK shoe size to the US shoe size, preferably with a comparison to a known brand here (AE always works)

4) Change the colour in the Ebay summary from burgundy to brown

- OR -

5) Continue to look for a sale here on B&S (though your opening bid in AUS$ is less than your US$ ask here.)
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Don't include size (especially UK size) in your listing title, or better put both sizes (UK and US) in your title.
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Do you want me to post them here in the US for you?
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Thanks gents for the input. I will have a think about what to do.

One thing I would like to clear up is the question about starting prices. My asking price here included shipping from Australia to the USA - pretty expensive for me. The eBay minimum price did not include S&H. On top of that, since the shoes did not move here, I did think I needed to reduce my asking price a bit.

I would hope that I would not get a reputation for unfair dealing here. I felt I offered fellow SFers a very keen price, and I do not believe that I am being at all greedy in what I am asking for these. If I'm wrong, I welcome correction.
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Originally Posted by distinctive View Post
Do you want me to post them here in the US for you?

California Dreamer-

Distinctive's idea is a good, and quite gentlemanly, one. He's an established shoe-seller on ebay with thousands of transactions under his belt. He once offered to sell some AE's for me, but I wanted to build my own feedback as a seller. My shoes ended at $275, while he sold his own pair of the exact same shoes for $329 (IIRC). Don't underestimate the value of a track record when bringing items worth hundreds of dollars to market. If you do want to list one US ebay, I highly recommend talking to Distinctive about it.
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Thanks for the recommendation Joel. I also thought Distinctive's suggestion sounded very attractive. I hope to take him up on it.
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Thanks for the info I intend to do same soon...
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