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Generally I deliberately try to avoid matching socks to either shoes or pants; instead, I'm most particular that the socks work with the whole outfit, and that's where I find the practice of matching socks to shoes or pants to fail on most people. For it's a simplistic guide that misleads people to think they've made the right choice when frankly I'd say they give the impression of being color blind. Oftentimes I choose a color that's in the same color family as long as the socks are a strikingly different shade and enhance the beauty of the shoe or pants. This summer I've enjoyed wearing extremely pale grey suede Marc Jacobs shoes, which I think are appropriate for the season, and they look lovely with a very rich medium grey sock. So I picked up a whole stack of the socks. There are also some pairings that are utterly classic, such as the summer straw-colored suit, which I learned in university is traditionally worn with navy blue socks and brown shoes. I've always been happy with that combination. For summer, I have numerous pairs of spectator shoes, and they open up a palette of both solids and patterns in a wide range of colors.