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I've been told that some of the items on are counterfeit and of poor quality. Has anyone ever had a negative experience with them? Thanks
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Never. Plus, with a 90 days, no questions asked money back garantee, there is virtually no risk.
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Never.  Plus, with a 90 days, no questions asked money back garantee, there is virtually no risk.
That's the problem. They make it too easy to spend money on nice stuff. Especially shoes.
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I never see much that I want to buy on Bluefly (unless you have a code, prices are often cheaper elsewhere), but I don't think any of the merchandise is counterfeit.
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I never see much that I want to buy on Bluefly (unless you have a code, prices are often cheaper elsewhere), but I don't think any of the merchandise is counterfeit.
Thanks. Where else would prices be cheaper? Someone mentioned and in another thread. Any others you'd reccomend?
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I've bought many things from Bluefly and find them to be completely reliable.
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Ebay, definitely.
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Bluefly having counterfeit merchandise is rather unlikely. However I find their selection to be dull. As compared to Yoox.
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It's quite possible given the current market. I know they had an issue before regarding Prada bags. It became very messy. Someone purchased a Prada off Bluefly, and like many do, promptly went to the Prada boutique to verifiy the authenticity. They were told that Prada never made that specific bag in that style, the bag was fake and shown why. Shocked, they went to another Prada store and was told the same thing. The bag was around $600. When the person called Bluefly and attempted to inform them of their findings, Bluefly told them that it was impossible, and that their buyers are assured that their items are 100% authentic. Of course, other Bluefly customers who never had their bags authenticated rused to do the same. The majority had real ones, but some were told they had purchased fakes. Now, as someone who sells tons of items (in particular women's) on the net, I came to Bluefly's defense. What has been happeneing is some crooked customers would get authentic bags and then return fake ones to places like Bluefly, whose staff is untrained to spot fakes (I know for a fact this has happened at the NYC Saks). Secondly, the people at Prada could be wrong themselves. Obviously there's no value to them to have their staff spend a day verifiying bags off the internet. I think had this issue and one of the reasons people are weary of designergoodsonline and This is why many of the etailers have a no return policy on the designer bags. I defintely think that if Bluefly was selling fakes, this is one of the ways fakes could have ended up in their stock. The market for fakes amazes me everyday and to stay one step ahead and keep your repuation as a repubtable, honest seller is becoming harder every single day. I'm not talking about just fake Prada. There's fake Sevens (not the Express ones), Blue Cults, Juicy, BCBG, DKNY, etc. Still, Bluefly's response was unacceptable and it happened to a one or two other customers. As some people truly obsess over the real vs. fake debate, Bluefly's Prada page was forwarded to the Prada USA Group offices here in NYC with letters of complaint. But, Bluefly isn't an authorized retailer of Prada goods, (as Elux is with LV products) so I don't think they were all too concerned. After all, fake Prada is everywhere. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I know the story has made its rounds on several fashion/style/industry boards. I think Bluefly overall still tends to be OK, although I find their MSRP price to be inflated at times and their sale prices not attractive enough for me to actually purchase
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My first purchase was a designer, (Nicole something?), paisley print drawstring pants. They looked great to me on the website, but when I took them out of the shipping envelope, the fabric looked rather low-quality and poorly constructed for the high-quality (discounted?) price of $70!  I wanted to return them asap and get my money back, but I couldn't find my order anywhere in "orders" on my Bluefly online account for some reason; so, I got  Bluefly customer service on the phone, but only after much searching for a customer service phone #. Then, after all this, the phone rep in Ohio tells me I can't return my purchase because it was a "final sale" item!

Summary: I overpaid for an inferior quality "designer" pant which took nearly 2 weeks to deliver, and now they tell me I misunderstood that the listing indicated in the details that it was a "final sale", which I later, (after the fact), found out was at the very end, and it meant the item could not be returned--Doesn't that make shopping for clothes more like gambling at a casino? Who knows what a garment will look or fit like until it is seen and tried on first?


So, if you're a new customer, be sure you pay close attention to the LAST ITEM in your item's details for their RETURN POLICY--As each listing has a slightly different return policy! If you don't, you may be a very unhappy customer. I am still awaiting my appeal to have the "final sale" policy on my item waived on the basis of my new customer ignorance…More to come! Check back and see what happens. 


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