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Suit thread, information

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Well, in response to Dr. Bresch's price/avg. suit thread, I thought of another question that might be fun to answer. Question is two parts: #1 what is your favorite suit in your closet and how much did you pay for it? #2 What is the best value purchase you've made with regards to a suit? My answers: #1--tie between a blue pinstriped Borrelli (I believe it's probably Super 120s or 130s, if that exists) suit I bought from Ian Daniels and a black and white Baldessarini pinstriped Super 150 suit I bought when the Boss store in Atlanta closed. I got the Borrelli from Ian for ~$1000K and the Baldessarini for $800 (70% off retail, which is a ridiculous retail price). #2 Best value suit is a grey with purple pin striped Baldessarini suit I bought at the same Boss closing for $600. It was 70% off retail, plus the pants had already been altered, so I got another $300 off the price. I have short legs (30 inseam) and the altered pants had been altered to a 32 inch inseam. Bonus, I was going to alter them anyway.
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Those are good deals. My three best are: 1. A St. Andrews made, Dunhill navy DB tuxedo in 48L for $595 at Marshall's. Amazingly, I found the same style and color as a 42 regular two months later, marked down to $195, and bought it for the extra pants (I still have the jacket somewhere and will eventually sell it). 2. A NWT Brioni for $167 on Ebay. Good thing I'm an odd size. 3. A $195 Armani Black Label bought the day Read's Department stores in Connecticut finally closed down. True final final clearance, the workmen were disassembling the fixtures as I purchased it. This would have been 1987.
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1 & 2: Vintage navy chalkstripe flannel 3-piece single-breasted suit made by Conway Williams (of Brookstreet, W1) bought at a vintage store for £85 ($155 USD). The vest is single-breasted and without lapels but the trousers have a high split back for braces. I had to buy some boxcloth braces by Albert Thurston to go with them.
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1. A Zegna-made Etro dark bluish-gray nailhead? (not sure on the pattern name) I got off eBay. It's a 3 button suit with double vents, hacking pockets, a ticket pocket, and contrasting green thread for the (working) sleeve buttonholes (very subtle, you'd only notice up close). It's a very snazzy and unique suit, and judging by its tags, it was ordered made to measure and never picked up by a guy who was pretty close to me in size. It cost $350. 2. See #1
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#1 what is your favorite suit in your closet and how much did you pay for it? #2 What is the best value purchase you've made with regards to a suit?
#1 is my solid navy, two-button two piece. The jacket has high lapel notches and a very columnar look. The pants are slim and single-pleated. A very sharp suit. It's the suit I wore in my Members photo in that HOF thread. #2 is #1. The suit cost me less than $500 from a tailor here in Korea. Quality easily trounces Corneliani, making it quite a steal.
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#1 Toss up between a grey with a light blue pinstripe Zegna 15mil MTM 3 piece. (that I know I paid way too much for lol) and the new Cashmere Kiton light grey with auburn colored window paine on sale for $1,600 #2 best deal hands down was a slightly worn Borrelli suit. Dark green and it is so soft it has to be at least a Super 120. Paid $100
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#1. My three-piece, navy pinstriped Kilgour, French, Stanbury. Hands down. It's the one I'm wearing in my Members photo as well. Admittedly it's single-vented, but I enjoy it thoroughly, from the waist suppression and the shoulders to the fabric and how the collar lays. The trousers fit like a dream, too. I only wear it for special occasions; once I wore it to class. Paired with my zero-halliburton briefcase, were comments ever elicited... #2. See above. Bought on eBay for ~$30.00 USD.. Regards, Huntsman
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