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ive been looking for suits and i was wondering if you guys think these are worth the money christian dior suit Its only $200 but it looks a little too wide in the body, im pretty slim so i need a slimmer fit, i cant tell if it just cause its hanging. gucci suit this is a little pricey, but i dont have any idea about the quality of it I was also wondering if anyone knew what kind of suit it was that brad pitt was wearing in oceans 11, here is a picture.
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Well the Dior isn't really a 38, closer to a 36 (the European size minus 10 isn't very accurate - it's closer to minus 11 1/2) as the chest measurement is only 37.78 inches. It is reasonably good looking though. The Gucci - Light Peach??? - not really a classic color. The cut will be fairly slim and of good quality, though I'd be looking at stone, tan, khaki rather than peach.
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No and no. The Dior is a cheaply made, licensed product (if that) and the Gucci is not going to get a lot of wear and will look pretty stupid unless you are in fact as good looking at Brad Pitt, and as famous and rich. Not sure who outfitted Ocean's Eleven, but am sure that the info is out there in the ether. Just google it.
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I wasnt really lookin at the gucci to try to look like Brad Pitt in that picture I just like lighter suits but I dont know about peach because it probably wont be the same color as in the picture. I was looking at that suit mainly becuase I own a Brioni shirt that looks exactly like that and I like how they look. I'm definitely not Brad Pitt, but I know the shirt looks awesome and figured the suit might also.
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The suits in "Ocean's Eleven" were custom made for the actors. On the DVD there is a really good featurette that features the costume designer/tailor who made them and talks of how he designed each character's look. According to an issue of GQ that came out around the time of the movie, Dominic Gherardi made the stuff. They gave (323) 465-3126 as a number to call to find out about a bespoke suit like those in the film. Not sure if it's up to date though.
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The suits in "Ocean's Eleven" were custom made for the actors.
In that scene - and in a couple of others, such as where Brad Pitt's character is introduced - you'll notice that several, and in some cases all of his sleeve buttons are undone. Works for the casual nature of the suits, I think, even the DB ones.
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Thats one thing I like about that suit, and some of the other clothes in the movie,it looks nice but not all dressy, still kinda casual. I've liked these clothes since I saw the movie and since I bought that Brioni shirt and noticed the quality and how good it look makes me wanna look for them even more
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Thats one thing I like about that suit, and some of the other clothes in the movie,it looks nice but not all dressy, still kinda casual.
Yeah, that's one of the reasons I really dug the movie as well. I was hoping it would influence people some and maybe we'd see more people wearing suits- either the easy elegance of Clooney's Ocean, or the casual but still refined look of Brad Pitt's Rusty Ryan. Unfortunatly, it didn't quite happen. I still love to just look at the movie. I guess it qualifies as clothes porn.
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yea, that is one major thing I liked about the movie, they look casual enough that I could wear the stuff around without looking totally out of place but, at least to me, it still looks damn good. I bought the shirt Pitt is wearing in the pic but I would like to find a suit that looks like that and the outfit Clooney is wearing.
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