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Name that link!

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I recently bought these cufflinks at the Barney's outlet but am unsure of the brand.  I like them so much, I don't really care what brand they are, but I was just curious if anyone happened to know.  The salesman told me they were Paul Smith, but I doubt that is true.  For one, they don't say Paul Smith on them anywhere.  They also retail for $295, whereas Paul Smith cufflinks seem to retail for much less.  Anyone have a clue?
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Definitely not Paul Smith. Aside from that fact, I know nothing about them (except that I like them&#33.
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Sorry that I cannot answer your question but I wanted to chime in by saying that they look fantastic.
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i am a pretty big fan of Paul Smith cufflinks, and can say that some in fact cost 295, at least in the NYC store. They look very similar to a pair I was looking at a few months ago, next time im downtown I will check it out and see if these are there.
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Thanks for the compliments fellas. Phil, I would appreciate your confirmation. Anyone else?
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Next time consider buying vintage cufflinks. They are better quality, hold their value and are often cheaper than new. I have over 2,000 pairs of vintage cufflinks.
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stopped by Paul Smith Friday. Didnt see those links, but they did have links somewhat similar to it. maybe thats why the salesman thought they were PS. Either way, those are great looking links.
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final bump for our newer members. anyone?
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i agree renault...they're are yours cuff'
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