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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
I piss on buildings all the time.
It's the new direction in architecural criticism.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
look, asshole, I can understand that you might find it offensive to hear somebody say something that may put your ethnicity in a bad light, but this is not meant in a way that should be considered insulting - it is simply facts. I don't know if you have really been to india, and I don't know if you ever get outside of your families compound, or if you realize that you are talking shit but do so because you can't bear the truth. and I don't care. but you obviously no nothing about india.

up until 2001, less than 5% of indians had access to telephones. not a telephone, mind you, but access to telephones. today, about 10% have telephones, but that is mostly because of companies that have worked to make it possible for very low income people to have telephones. the majority of people still don't have plumbing, electricity or telephones.

all of those people who live in small huts in the villages, or in the shanties in cities, or for that matter who sleep "rough", in the street, where do you think that they shit?

or, let me ask you this - you ever drive around a big city at 6 am? see all the people going off to the fields with a little bucket of water? what the fuck do you think that they are going to the fields to do?

so, piss off and find someplace else to troll, ok?

report by indian government, sponsered by UNICIF

check out page 35, and the introduction.

US forign office report


For someone who is working to provide solar powered LED lanterns to villagers in India, and for someone who has lived in the country and traveled to as fas East as Orissa, you are making some ridiculous statements. Have you ever been to a village in India? I have been working on a project for the last 2 years, and spent 2 months in Orissa, in the middle of nowhere to try and do research and survey on the needs of the villagers in India. The truth is, a large majority of villagers in India have access to phone these days, and even poor rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, vegetable sellers, etc have cellphone these days. I went to a village where people didn't have electricity last year, and this year, power lines are being installed as we speak so that they can have electricity available 6-8 a day (for now). So, you can keep your reports to yourself, and try to experience the real thing. Go live with the villagers, and you will see that their lives are improving in many ways.

The people who sleep on the streets, or near them, they have mechanisms to collect their shit, and dig holes or whatever else they can come up with. Does that mean no one shits on the streets? Of course not.

As for the smells, a lot of cities do smell, and thats because the average Indian doesn't care about picking up his trash or cleaning up after himself. Its the mentality of the people that hurts the most. Regardless, I am through arguing with your ass, because obviously the opinion of someone who has grown up in India and has ridden the dirty public trains, and been to villages trying to bring electricity to the people is of no use. So, too bad you have such a skewed view of the country, but its your loss.

Also, if you haven't been to India since 2001, then you should probably make a visit asap. I take a 6 month break between trips, and the city I live in changed dramatically. Indians aren't the best planners when it comes to infrastructure, but in terms of trying to help the poor, the Congress has been doing a lot and have been partially successful at it.

So, keep your generalizations with you, but go visit the country when you get a chance.
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thank you
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oh and by the way globetrotter I'm not trolling you shit head, I travel to india for 3 months every year, do medical work with my uncle, aunt and father with orphans and villagers from Trivandarum to Ludhiana so believe me, if you can find an outlet to hook up and EKG machine and you have to tell the family of vegetable sellers and rice mongers to leave the room because their CELLPHONE could mess with the EKG readings then last time i checked that would mean to ME, that they're not as poor as people like YOU make them out to be. You trust documents about a country you have obviously not experienced at all I trust what i see, smell, taste, hear and experience EVERYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY so yes "asshole" In my 26 years on earth i've been ALL OVER india at least 50 times, so believe me dickwad, i know what i see. Ask any indian motherfucker you find and they'll tell you the same thing.
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Paging Doctor Pottymouth...
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gentlemen, (and I use that loosly),

I lived 3 years in india, selling telecomunications equipment. I had something around 40 indians working for me, from all over the country. during that time, there were few weeks that I didn't spend 3 or 4 days traveling. I was very heavily involved in both building the Reliance network as well as the Grameen network in Bangladesh, not to mention the other 16 telephone companies that were active in india at the time. very frankly, understanding the economy and the culture of india were what allowed me to build up my market almost 3,000% over a few years. executives from some of the largest companies in the world have contacted me over the years to ask me questions about the indian market, because I have established credibility in understadnign teh business culture and the shape of the market.

I would suggest that your experiences with family, and riding buses around the country equal about the amount of information that I loose in brain cells when I fart.

I understand that you have pride in the country, and that is comendable. that is why nobody would ever hire you to do any serious work - because you are not able to seperate reality from the fantasies that you manufacture in your twisted little minds.

20 posts ago or so, I said that the vast majority of indians do not have access to plumbing. I also said that I have seen indians defacate in the gutter of major streets - admitidly probrably less than 10 times in 3 years, but I have seen it.

the facts remain, and are well documented - how many indians have access to plumbing, how many have telephones. you can ignore the facts, or you can suck it up and appologize for your trolling like men, although that may be too much of a stretch.

that doesn't mean that india is a bad place, or that indians are bad people. I would go back to india to live in a minute, if my wife wanted to. some of my favorite people, and best friends are indians. but india smells, some of us have gotten to the point where we get excited when we get hit by that smell getting off the airplane, but it does smell, and trying to tell people differently out of some kind of misguided pride is silly.
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So The Verdict Is In, India Smells Bad, I Hope When I Go I Dont Get Sick!
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I have nothing to add to this gentlemanly banter, except that I once dated an Indian who smelled lovely but said that I and most Caucasians reeked of cheese.
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This thread reeks.
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Find me a major urban area in a developing or third-world nation that doesn't reek and I'll show you an authoritarian regime.
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globetrotter, My father worked at HSBC for many years as a senior project manager for the IT department - as you can imagine there were many Indians working under him in all positions. He travelled to India a few years ago for a month to meet his workers in person and his descriptions match your own. I've notice many Indians who move abroad (to Canada, the US and else where) don't quite understand how privileged they are - I dare say they were spoiled. India is a poor country with little infrastructure and very many poor people. If you can afford to leave India, you are better than what, 95% of the people? I'm going to have to say I agree with you on this one.
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People there just need to start caring about picking up after themselves and actually being proactive. Once that happens, the nation will really grow. Mentality really hurts them.
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Originally Posted by Mblova View Post
People there just need to start caring about picking up after themselves and actually being proactive. Once that happens, the nation will really grow.

Mentality really hurts them.
Yeah, that's their biggest problem and all it will take. This thread is a disgrace.
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Never been to India. A coworker from India said people shit off the side of buildings. Not piss. Hang their ass over the side and shit. I said no way but he insists. Read a news article about the plumbing crisis there and how the plumbing is 100 years old. Pipes bursting from the walls, spewing human waste all over the street. Maybe they're all lying and just want to keep me out of India. I've blown black snot in a few cities so no big deal on that.
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Originally Posted by Mblova View Post
People there just need to start caring about picking up after themselves and actually being proactive. Once that happens, the nation will really grow.

Mentality really hurts them.

you miss the point entirely - most of these people work hard, struggle to get enough to eat and feed their familes, maybe spend 2 or 3 hours a day comuniting to a job that pays nothing and is both hard and dirty. and, on top of all that, they have access to niether electricity nor plumbing. so, they get up early in the morning, walk out to a field with a little bucket of water, and do what they have to do.
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