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Most reissues are in the $20-25 range. The high end stores sometimes offer ridiculous prices. You will pay $50 for limited edition APO jazz but that's not the norm.

A lot of alternative bands but out records in the $10-19 range and many sound good. The benefit is for those of us who want the extra resolution of vinyl over CD. Probably only 1% care that much about the music but it's really magical how one can get drawn into the performance when the sound is so good.

I have a stressful job at times and music helps me relax.

A good part of the fun is finding that rare album in some store mispriced for $4. It's the hunt that is fun. Many used albums sound better due to better masterings over their CD counterparts. If you like classic rock and pop it can be a real blast.
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Since I no longer drive, I have no need for CD's and hardly listen to them. Ive been listening/buying vinyl for years but recently I've become more and more addicted to it. My friend and I have been having this running debate over what vinyl to buy and how much to spend, he will pay upwards of $70 for 1st press jazz albums, and I can understand this, but it dosent make enough sense to me to pay that much myself, Blue Note reissues go for around $10 on ebay sealed, and while I haven't picked up any reissues yet, I think this might be the way I go in the future. I love getting the originals and all, but for his one $70 album, I could pick up 6 $10 albums...

I also like the hunt involved in buying records, it's fun scouring record bins at thrift/flea markets. I went out a few weeks ago to the flea market near me, went through 4 crates and found one nice Monk album that I could buy, since the others were scratched.
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he will pay upwards of $70 for 1st press jazz albums

Some very savvy collector buddies are convinced these 45rpm APO jazz reissues at $50 each are a good investment for the collector market. They sound amazing as well. Many of these guys are buying 2-3 copies and keeping all but one sealed.
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The amount of money I sold a rare Opeth record for once was funny.
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I'm listening to the Simply Vinyl release of Dire Straits Communique now. It's awesome.
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Vinyl or analog sound for that matter rules! I LOVE vinyl sound.
Podhead generation, of course, does not know the difference.
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