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Kiton ties at ben silver

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There are Kiton ties on sale on the Ben Silver website for 35 and 42 dollars (go to the factory outlet section). I don't know how long they've been on the site because I haven't been there in a while. There isn't much of a selection, but there are a few to choose from (as long as you like paisley). There are also a few other decent ties from high quality manufacturers that are pretty cheap.
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Thanks for the tip; I just picked up a silver paisley.
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No problem. I got that one, too.
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Hm, hadn't visited there in awhile. Nice selection/price on a lot of ties (summery, but still...) Pocket squares, as well.
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They have a number of very nice coin cufflinks. Ben Silver Coin Cufflinks How do they colour the coins?
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BSLO, thanks so much for sharing your find.  It's really nice of you to let us know of it - except for the resulting lighter bank account.    I picked up four ties along with a sea island cotton sweater and three sea island cotton polos. I just hope that people don't snap up these items for resale on Ebay.  This is a free capitalist society, but I think that the only time it's even somewhat OK to buy clearance stuff specifically to sell on Ebay is if it's languishing on the racks at your local Marshalls.  That way a greater number of people (online) may have access to certain items.  But when stuff is already on clearance on Bluefly or Ben Silver, that's not cool.
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Also, Jos Bank has some amazing deals - $175 Super 110s trousers for $47.60, for example.
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Water, those Ben Silver cuff links occasionally show up on EBay. I saw some recently, the Irish coins, for $50 from a reputable seller (little802).
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Picked up three ties myself. Thanks for the heads-up. V-
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There are a couple similar cufflinks up for auction now, though not via that seller. Does anyone know how they colour the coin? Could be fun to try at home if possible to do so.
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I think the best buys at the Ben Silver site are the $125 Sea Island short sleeve knit shirts for $25. See
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