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European style

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and have a few questions about European style. I will be travelling extensively through Continental Europe and the U.K. and don't want to look like a total boob. I really don't have a great deal of fashion knowledge beyond the mainstream department store brands. My closet is lined with Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Gap etc. I would like to develop a more sophistocated sense of style but don't know where to begin. Which designers and what types of clothing should I look to to start building a more European wardrobe? I am looking for casual wear (e.g. things I could wear to a swanky club/bar, etc.) and also formal wear. Please keep in mind that I am tall, about 6'5" and rail thin so not everything looks good on me. Thank you for any information.
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i would wear long sleeve dress/casual shirts with single pleated pants. as far as brand goes .. Boss Theory Armani are my choice for clubbing wears ..
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Flat front pants are the norm in Europe and the UK (just as Carlo about the difficulties or persuading Italian tailors to make pleated pants&#33 I've found that Europeans, and Italians in particular, where more black in casual, daytime ensembles than North Americans. Conversely, black is not as common in the evening as it is, say, in NYC. Color schemes are somewhat more sophisticated, especially in France and Italy - more use of non-primary colors light sage, champagne, and wine. Cuts are generally either much more fitted, or more deliberately antifit, than in North America. Why don't you just go with a minimal wardrobe and build it as you travel and see things you like?
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Here's a rudimentary tip regarding shoes. In Europe, nobody seems to wear sports shoes in public. Be sure to pack comfortable brown or black walking shoes. In Italy I noticed that many of the men were dressed in an almost American style. They leave tricky designs, Prada and such, to the Japanese tourists.
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Well, being an european myself I can just agree with the advice given to you by LA guy. To say Europe is a bit too general: while in Italy the sight of short socks would make women run for dear life, the same short socks seem to be the standard all across norther europe. Just take a minimal wardrobe with you and try to blend in with the locals. Besides, I suppose you are rather young and fashion for under 30s tend to be as "american style" as it can be in every european country. Anyway, you are going to have a great time, enjoy.
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what size jacket? 6'5" isn't that tall, unless you're just 160 pounds or so and have no breadth, a tall athletic build usually looks great in almost anything
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Just buy a lot of Dior Homme. It is a safe measure.
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I had seen that very bold striped shirts with double button collars are very common in London and Italy, but that trend has shifted greatly to America (including amongst the worst fashion victims - yuppie college kids) and so I wouldn't be surprised if it's about dead over there.
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Wow thanks. You have all given me some great tips. Let's see, no pleated pants, eschew black during the evening and go for non-primary colors. And I will definitely check out some of the designers mentioned. Btw, MilanoGuy (or anyone else) would you reccommed wearing a blazer w/dress shirt when going clubbing?
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