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Its pretty much same measurement as American Apparel. I think quality will not be as good as Alternative Apparel as they use pima cotton for the perfect t's. However - its 5 aud a tee - Im not looking for quality. Im looking for something thats decent fitting and cheap. Im just going to take them to a tailor and get all the hems taken up by two inches so it sits higher - im sure it wont cost more than a few bucks a shirt. My problem with alternative apparel is that its 22 USD + shipping, which is alot, for something Im going to abuse. Its not cheap enough that I can just abuse them and not care.
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Just got the new BR Pima crewneck yesterday. Runs a bit large so you could probably size down if you like tight fit.

Definitely comfortable and soft without being too thin.
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Anyone got any advice for a shallow v neck? Is the alternative apparel v neck more shallow then the american apparel one? Any other idea's?
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Just a thought for people in-between small and medium/schmedium: I bought a few AA basic tees in medium and they were too long and fit loose at first. I shrink them in the dryer in high heat and now it fits pretty nice. The measurement after shrinking is 20" pit to pit, and 27/28" in length (measured right in the middle from the back). I have 37" chest and 33" waist so.... I also have a question: I have REALLY breadstick arms, so I am looking for tees that have longer sleeve (that falls about an inch above the elbow) and NARROW openings. Any idea if such tees exist? 3/4 sleeve looks stupid on me btw, so that's not really an option....
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I'm also of the slim persuasion, 37 chest 29 waist, and I'm a big fan of tees. So I'll weigh in on this and bump the thread.

Zara - Their super slim tees are just that. They're 90% cotton and 10% spandex so they have a nice soft and elastic feel to them. Also they don't noticeably shrink. $20, but sales get them around $15.

American Apparel - Not as slim as Zara's super slim, but still pretty well fitted. They shrink a lot, so whatever fits you well in the dressing room, I'd go a size up. They're cheaper though, so you can get 3 for $40. I haven't tried their baby rib shirts yet.

Armani Exchange - The best cotton quality of the 3. Also the most expensive at $25, sales are usually for $20. I would put them at the top except they also shrink a lot, I don't know why stores don't just preshrink all their clothes, I don't like the uncertainty of the shrink process. I guess I could just hang dry them, but that's a lot of work for just a tee.
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i'm pretty short. y'all know of any brands that aren't as long?
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So I came back to Hong Kong for the summer and I realized that all I had in my wardrobe were a bunch of graphic t-shirts that I wouldn't dare wear outside so I decided to go grab a couple of Uniqlo T-Shirts. Just a word of advice... The T-Shirts (slightly cheaper) that are packed in resealable bags seem to size a little bigger than all the other T-Shirts. I wear an XL in their T-shirts (I wear an S in J. Crew buttondowns... I just don't like to get too fitted of a look especially for T-Shirts and I can wear Uniqlo XL without looking like Snoop Dogg's friend) so just a word of warning. Otherwise Uniqlo make some pretty solid T-Shirts, very soft, a bit on the thin side. EDIT - But not thin enough where nipples poking out would be a problem unless you have abnormally pointy nipples and big moobs.
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I like the Alfani (Macy's) Stretch V-Neck. No shrinking problems and they keep their shape. I also like the Jockey 3D-Innovations shirts. They come in crew and v-neck. I have both, the crew is a rounded collar the wears well be itself or as an undershirt. Both mentioned above are tagless
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target has slim v/ crew necks in a bunch of different colors, with some heathered ones also, for 8 bucks a shirt. they hold the shape really well
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Fit is always most important, but increasingly I find myself only wanting to only wear the highest quality t-shirts. Brands I've found that fit slim, but use very high quality cotton....

Man of Moods
Lad Musician

All of the above cost $50 to $100 per shirt but after buying a few I can barely make myself wear the cheap feeling AA t-shirts any longer.

Also, the above brands are all significantly shorter in length than AA t-shirts. And they are tighter around the waist. Thus, they fit me a lot better.
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I second the W+H t's recomendation. They are fantastic. Ordered two more and will get some of the FW statc jersey t's when they come. Ascolour shirts are terrible, pilled on first wear.
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The Wings+Horns tees are virtually indestructible! Even if you wash them in hot water and then throw them in a hot drier multiple times, there is no shrinkage or obvious deformation. Additionally, they don't pill much at all.

However, I do like the quality and feel of the Japanese brands I mentioned (MofM and Lad) better than W+H. The cotton fabric on these shirts is so incredibly soft and smooth. Only issue is that (like many Japanese brands) they tend to favor U-necks. So I always try to buy the ones with very shallow u-necks that look more like a crew neck.
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dont rely on the brand just get whatever y like
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I'm 5'8" 145lbs and Alternative Apparel's Eco-Heather Crew Medium fits me like a glove and is amazingly comfortable. The poly-cotton blend breathes and absorbs moisture very well, which makes it perfect for workout gear.
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Don't feel like reading through seven pages. I have a few American App Ts in small. The length of the torso and sleeves are good and the shoulder seam is right about where it should be (vertical on my shoulder, not halfway down my upper arm), but the shirts are too tight. Before putting them on, I put my arms inside the body and stretch it out, then put my hands in the sleeves and stretch them out. I also have some Target (merona) white T shirts, that are also a little too tight. I've tried J crew Ts...I wear small in J crew button downs, and long sleeve T shirts, but the small short sleeve t shirts and polos are too big for me. I haven't tried medium J crew short sleeve Ts, but their medium Polos fit me pretty well. I haven't tried mediums in merona or AA, but I would guess that they would be too big. Should I try out mediums, or do you guys have any suggestions for slightly bigger shirts.
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