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We missed you when you were gone. No, sincerely. (not using 'we' to imply OG status or anything...this is Xenox.)

Originally Posted by XenoX101 View Post
If anyone's looking for super super slim, short, tiny t-shirts I recommend trying Armani Exchange, they are the smallest I have found so far, the quality is better than target and on par with designer mall brands (which is what it is), price is naturally a bit more but is still very reasonable, here are measurements of my XS AX v-neck..

Shoulders: 15.35" / 39 cm
Pit-to-pit: 15.74" / 40 cm
Length: 22.44" / 57 cm
Sleeve width: 3.93" / 10 cm

As you can see, tiny, so a small/medium/large would be proportionatly bigger but still very slim
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My T-shirts are pretty long for me and I am thinking of getting them cut shorter.

What length should I cut them too? ie. under my belt buckle, on top of my crotch halfway down the pant zipper/buttons etc
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Not sure if it has been posted yet but Rogues Gallery's T-shirts are pretty slim fitting. I ordered a medium thinking they'd be like normal shirts and I had to send mine back for a large. Fit is great and the cotton is very soft and comfortable. I've bought 4 more since the first elk shirt I bought from them.
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I forgot to mention that the thing with ON tees is that, like most other cheap options, quality control is a big issue. I only tried one of the four tees on at the store. It fit perfectly and I foolishly thought that meant the other ones I picked out would, too. After trying on the other three, it looks like I'll need to go exchange them.

- One measures a full inch less across the chest and had very short sleeves
- Another measured a half-inch less across the sleeve opening. Doesn't seem like much, but it's enough to make the fit go from just right to meat head.
- The third has sleeves that measure only about 2.5 inches across the bottom of the sleeve. Compare that to the near five inches in the same area on the shirt that fits perfectly.
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For the first time in my life, I tried on a boys (yes boys) size large Polo shirt. I'm normally a size small in most brands including BoO and a size 36R in suits. Surprisingly they fit well and fitted without looking like a shrunken shirt. I think I've found my secret to a well fitted shirt with a nice length. The length was better as well. $15 at TJMaxx. I'll post pics when I get some time.
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Since I don't think anyone's mentioned it...
I have some h&m jersey v-neck tees that fit pretty well, the V is pretty shallow and they're decently slim all over at least for me and shorter in the body length-wise (sz S, i'm 5'8"/36). The only fit-related complaint I have is that the arm holes could be smaller...but not much of problem considering they're only $5-6 each.

Oh, there does seem to be slight differences (nothing to major) depending on which part of h&m makes the shirt...divided/logg.
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If I want some thing a litttle smaller than a uniqlo small tee what size american apparel tee should I get. Small or Xs? Also do they shrink in the wash?
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Anybody who pays more than 20 bucks for a t shirt is trying too hard. Ed Hardy graphic tee is not >>> cheapo tee shirt from Gap
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Originally Posted by Jthaeler View Post
Anybody who pays more than 20 bucks for a t shirt is trying too hard. Ed Hardy graphic tee is not >>> cheapo tee shirt from Gap
nobody here is buying ed hardy t-shirts, but many are spending more than 20 on a t-shirt for a multitude of reasons such as quality, fabric, softness and overall fit.
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Originally Posted by Jthaeler View Post
Anybody who pays more than 20 bucks for a t shirt is trying too hard. Ed Hardy graphic tee is not >>> cheapo tee shirt from Gap


This is very ignorant, what exactly is the difference between a t-shirt and a button down, or a cardigan, or a pair of pants? They're all garments made up of fabric sewn together to form a design, so why should a t-shirt be held to any different a standard than any other garment? To spell it out, the majority of high end fashion designers make t-shirts from quality fabrics and there are many t-shirts have also been designed in avant garde ways (think rick owens), you simply can't compare a julius leather shirt to a target synthetic one. In future please don't be so quick to judge or make bold statements.
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I tend to have an abnormal torso shape so I'm looking for a tee with the following characteristics:

- Small neck hole (I have a long neck)
- Average-sized shoulders (I'm about a 35 jacket chest)
- Very slim waist (I'm about a 28 pants waist)
- Short length (to make my short legs look longer)
- Very slim, preferably long-ish sleeves (for my breadstick arms)

I have some AA t-shirts from a few years back that fit me okay (though they have shrunk and shrunk and are practically doll-sized now). The new, standard AA tees are way too long for me. Last year I bought some AA v-necks that fit perfectly (slim fit, not too long, very soft, slim sleeves) but now I'm looking for regular crew-necks. Price is not super important but obviously cheaper would be better.

Any advice?
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Just to let the aussies know - ships basics and what not at a crazy cheap price - 5 AUD a piece. I grabbed a stack of the merle crew necks and will report back on quality. They are getting v necks in june. Should be good at that price.
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Razele i'm quite interested, let me know about quality and also overall fit (taper, sleeves, length) relative to aa's?

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got some old navy t's after reading this thread...good variety of colors, lots of neutrals and some brighter colors also. Thick material that seems like it will hold up well. There were 3 types in the store i bought them from, baseball style 2 tone, ringers and plain colored. As for the fit, it really was hit or miss as every one fit differently. You need to try on a few of the same color to find one that fits best. That being said, they were a bit big at first (smalls) but they fit pretty good after a wash, tube sleeves and no triangles/wings, plus a decently slim fit. i recommend these , 7.5/10
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