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Originally Posted by Rallen View Post
Hey there.

I need some advice for webshops with nice graphic t-shirts ..

These are some of the last purchases i've made - just to show you what im looking for:

I'm already using yrbnyc.com, threadless.com and designbyhumans.com - the last one is almost always sold out in M's though.

Help me out here, please!

trollin? if not, check out http://www.uneetee.com

go wild.
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American Apparel 50% off from group buy site BuyWithMe..

In Store:


Thought i'd share the wealth.
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Does anyone know where to get good quality japanese t shirts?

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Surprised there's no mention of hemp in this thread. Cotton/hemp blends (not viscose) wick way better than cotton, resist odor,  and have a 'crispy"/creasy texture somewhat like linen blends. Viscose blends are shiny and soft like a modal but lose some of the athletic qualities. I have a bunch of non-viscose tees from The Hempest for $19 and they compare really favorably to much more expensive 100% cotton stuff, especially in hot weather.


Jungmaven's probably the most widely-available hemp brand but it's mostly their viscose, which is too bad, because their non-viscose yarn-dyed fabrics are really cool.

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Does anyone know how big is Urban Outfitters L compared to American Apparel L is it bigger or smaller? Soz for special flowering but I don't a store of either in 300 miles radius.

I bought http://store.americanapparel.net/power-washed-tee_2011 and http://store.americanapparel.net/viscose-sexuali-tee_rsavc400r while the fit is good enough I am kinda bothered by shoulder seams being too low - I guess it's on purpose because it looks like that on the models and though they ought to be 'oversized' a bit but i am not sure I like it because its not perfect lol. Quality seems adequate for the price though, I like em both.
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Some friends of mine just launched a Kickstarter for Made in LA T-Shirts. They're very close to 100% of their goal a few days in, so it looks like they'll be successful. Classic crew neck pocket tees in 6 colors. No logos/branding except for the screen printed label inside the shirt. Also, as an aside, their dress shirts are a fantastic fit on me as a taller lean guy.


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Bumping an old thread, but does anyone have any experience with Buck Mason t-shirts https://www.buckmason.com/tees? Looking to replace my mish-mash of old tees and pocket tees and its really tough to find good options in the $20 - $50 range. I found DSTLD t-shirts to be a little too long and slender and unimpressive and J-Crew has awful quality control on their broken-in tees and too many pastel colors. 

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