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Help needed with an ensemble for a friend

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Hey Guys/Gals and all. Friend of mine asked for some help on an ensemble so I figured I would put it to the board here and get popular consensus. Only choose the one you like best unless you like or dislike them all equally. If you have reasons as to why you like either or all or none please feel free to contribute.  Also please note that only one is an actual tie worn on the shirt, the rest have been manipulated with photoshop so dont comment on the fit or anything else other than the colors. Just think.  If this guy goes on a date or something with the ensemble chosen, you may hold his future in your hand Thanks in advance. JJF EDIT:   To add this option mentioned later.  SImilar to the first (heck they are all similar) but different.
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They're all.....kind of...the same. koji
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While I like all three I would choose between the 1st and 2nd. The 3rd, to me is a bit too predictable or ordinary to make it stand out. I think the 1st would dance and shimmer wonderfully with the light when in motion and it would get my nod. But, keep in mind that I also liked the Ben Silver catalogue look more than you so you may want to take my views with the largest grain of salt possible.
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I like that third tie. That being said, I think all the looks are too similar to each other. Jon.
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It's between 2 and 3 for me. koji
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i also like number 3, it's got more texture and depth - looks more 'touchable'. also the color contrast is sharper. which may be a function of the photoshopping. but i like the boldness of the pattern as opposed to the other two.
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Definitely 2 - the tweedy pattern matches up best with the substantial texture in the coat. BTW, the shirt (it's hard to see in the picture) should also be a more substantial medium weight cloth as well. Colors match up perfectly. The tie in option one is nice, and the colors match up well, but the pattern doesn't seem bold enough for the jacket. A think a good rule of thumb is that the tie should "pop" - really be an accent in the ensemble, rather than fade into the background. As for option three, the colors are just slightly off, which is really distracting. Secondly, I just hate rep ties.
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I'd prefer the second choice if the pattern were a more focused houndstooth, as the patterns seem rather blurry to me. However, I think the second option is the best choice of the three.
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I'd go for #2. In #1, the tie looks too shimmery. In #3, the tie has too much brown - nothing wrong with that by itself, but here it's paired with a brown suit.
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It's all so drab. I'm not digging any of the options.
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Thanks for the input thus far.  Please keep em coming or at least the votes. Perhaps I should be a little more clear in what I was asking. The issue isnt if you like the suit or shirt combo, but rather which tie would you put with that particular suit/shirt combo. (Not that anyone should buy all three as correctly stated here they are somewhat similar) For those that didnt like the first as it was ... for whatever reason, how about this? Thanks. JJF
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I like option 3 with option 2 a very close second. I like the latest option (4?) as well.
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The latest option isn't bad. I think I still like option 2, though this one is a little more urban.
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Definitely the last one. None of them are really my style at all, but the last one is at least sort of quirky. BTW #2 looks exactly like a shirt & tie box set I got from Marshalls for $10 on clearance. Exactly.
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My advice is to punch it up with something with either some red or some (lime or light sage) green in it.  I agree with the other posters - the whole deal is in serious need of some pizazz. *Edited by request - no problem.*
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