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Polo website...

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A couple weeks ago I was browsing around and I checked out polo's sale section on their website. Much to my surprise, they had the Fearson wingtip (the made in italy one) in black or "chestnut" on sale in a wide variety of sizes... for $99. I wasn't certain I needed these, and with so many sizes available, I thought I'd be ok if I decided later to try 'em out (I'm generally an 11d). I waited out the weekend, and decided to order. But on Monday, they were nowhere to be found. I though, either they screwed up, or someone bought 'em all to flip em or something. I mean, $99? That's damn good, even if they're not the greatest shoe (they do, as bluefly says, look golf-y). Well, they're back. And $159. Damn. Now I can't, in good conscience, buy them. Crap on a crap cracker.
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I'd say keep watching them. If they went that low they're likely to again. The danger, of course, is that your size may sell out, but patience is usually rewarded.
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Actually in Bluefly they had similar thing going on with their black Carlson Polos. For several days they were selling for $79 and then back up to regular Bluefly prices.
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