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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
Some Chinese folks I know love to put the word "Rich" in their whelps' names- because they're "rich" see?! And I'm talking about you, you bunch of dumbass cousins-in-law! The old man named his two sons Richmond and Richie and now the male grandsnots are named Richwin (WTF?!), Richard.... I HATE YOUR NAMES!
Some Chinese-American people have the oddest English names--names that even insane British aristocrats wouldn't give their pet cabbage.
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My wife's name is Elizabeth, and she and I both agree that "Libby" is horrendous. She wasted no time telling me never to call her that. I hate wanky upper-crust Brit names like Cholmondely. Such people are asking to be bullied, and their parents need to be reported to Social Services for child abuse. There is a special place in Australia hell for all people named Wayne or Craig. They are invariably moccasin-wearing bogan deadbeat dads with nine kids on single mother support.
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Alfonso, which happens to be my middle name.
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I disliked my own for a long time. But I 'own' it now.

Maybe it's because I have a womens name.
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How can you dislike the name Bob? Edit: Or Fred? Jeez, hating on The Peoples' names. My brother's middle name is Carl. I've always found this funny.
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Originally Posted by California Dreamer View Post
There is a special place in Australia hell for all people named Wayne.

And in America a disproportionate amount of guys with "Wayne" as a middle name grow up to be murderers.


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My mother once taught a student by the name of Lasagna. I guess it's okay.
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My southern, private law school naturally had its share of ridiculous names. The wingman on our IM basketball team was named Titan J. Steele, one of our post players was Donnie Mantooth III. They should've been either superheros or gay porn stars, either way.

My first post-college job was absoluetly miserable, doing collections on people who had been overpaid welfare benefits. Anyway, one of our "clients" (ha ha) was named Tae Kwon Da Jenkins. Classy.
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post
all team was named Titan J. Steele, one of our post players was Donnie Mantooth III...Tae Kwon Da Jenkins. Classy.

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Another student my mother taught, was named Ovary. A boy. Not crazy about that one.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector View Post
It would be pronounced however I say it would be, which would be Ex-zay-vyoor, only problem with the name is what the hell would be a nickname? I'd have to choose one that looks distinguished on a resume but can have a few nicknames to choose from. Or maybe I could afrofy it by going ExAHYvyahTAYshawn.

I wanted to name my second son, if I had one, xavier, but pronounce it as though it were spainish. my thought would be that the nickname would simply be "X".

of course, my wife would never have agreed.
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I've always disliked my name. My parents were initially going to name me Sandrine. Escaped that one, but didn't do a whole lot better.
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...My aunt is a grade school teacher in an area that gets immigrants. Reasonable well-to-immigrants, though, ones who move here for their jobs. So she gets a student with the name Chaphuc.

First day of class...she reads the name silently, sounding it out. Oh, no, she's not saying THAT name. Not that way. So she says "Cha-fook". Little girl at the back laughs and says, "it's Cha-fuck". Aunt quietly panics. Eventually wins out with her pronunciation.

This happens six more times that day, to six different teachers. Cha-phuc-ing hell.
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my first name is guy. I never liked it, so I stopped using it in 3rd grade and made very one start usng my middle name, which I like better. no more common, but i liked it better.

if I had known at the time that guy was Guido, I would have simply started calling my self Guido
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