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A Harris et al, The 13 rack looked pretty empty. I was actually quite surprised at the limited selection. I could have bought at least three or four pairs at the last warehouse sale. Does anyone else feel like this board is purchasing at least 50% of the discounted C&J shoes in NYC? AJL better watch it, I'm beginning to develop quite a fondness for his new pair of Seymours (the size 7s are no more). norcal
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....I did see Andy Richter (another Andy. ) trying on sportcoats.  ....
yay andy. general question: is it not uncommon to see celebs shopping the sales? is it only a certain 'type' of celebrity that does? i.e. are more men likely to do it than women? or maybe comedians, or actors who wish to convey the 'common touch'. the reason i ask is: isn't there some point of pride (or snobbery, as you like) that says paying anything but full retail is declasse'? (sorry dunno how to do the acute accent.) anyway for all i know his being there at sale time might have just been coincidence. or maybe he just shops the bargains for pleasure, like so many of us. just seems strange, for someone with maybe more money than time to spend. /andrew - tiiiiime is on my siiide...
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I saw that those C&J Handgrade Seymours in Size 7 were still there for some lucky tiny-footed guy.
That'd be me--or Alias, depending on how things shake out (if they end up being too tiny). I'll have them on my wee elfin feet sometime this coming week, thanks to norcaltransplant.
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Are there still lines around the block for the sale? I used to go many years ago, but never came awaywith anything. Glad to see Barneys is back on solid financial footing and ripe for a sale...of the whole company.
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I went opening day -- no lines whatsoever.
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