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Barney's warehouse sale

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Just got the flyer in the mail.  255 W. 17th St. between 7th and 8th Ave.  Just don't buy all the shoes in my size...   dan
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blah... they never have anything good.
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But if anyone sees a pair of Audleys or Weymouths in dark brown antique size 10.5 US for $250 or less, I'd buy them for sure.
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There might be some Charles Hill for Barney's ties. Do they still carry those?
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The sale isn't what it used to be sadly. For the first week, the markdowns are the same as they were at the Madison Ave store's final round. There's no need to check it out at that point, although they do have some past season merchandise they try to unload. They do lower the prices later on, but as you can imagine, much of what's good is gone. I've checked it out first day and even then, the selection leaves much to be desired. Best bet is to follow the store sale schedule. Many of the people who shop the Warehouse sale never shop at the uptown store.
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I have an even better bet, become friends with a Barneys employee. (employee discount privileges) By the time many things get to the warehouse sale, they've been man-handled, and many things are there because nobody else wanted them (rejects).
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Or, wait until Barney's sends all the remains to Filene's, when those $160 silk sweaters are priced at $24.95.
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I went yesterday and picked up a pair of Prada loafers (I know fellas, I know) and a pair of Gucci horse bit loafers. Each pair was $150. I don't know about you, but for me, that's worth a trip.
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I picked up a pair of Prada laceups (current season) for just under $80 at Filene's a couple of weeks ago - boxed, bagged, and everything. Sorry PeterMetro, couldn't resist the oneupsmanship. Best Filene's purchase was a Kiton long sleeve knit shirt from Barneys for $19.
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Sorry PeterMetro, couldn't resist the oneupsmanship.
Actually, I like bargains so much, I get excited to hear about other people's steals. I wish the Filene's down here compared with the downtown crossing store.
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I agree with the bad selection. It amazes me how they can charge $125 retail for a shirt($59 @ warehouse sale) and not at least include MOP buttons. As for the shoes, I would have to say that the selection is not that great but I picked up a pair of ankle boots for $179 from the brand Peluso. Looks to be Blake Stitched w/ Dainite Studded Sole. Not great shoe by any means but I thought the style was nice. They have a huge lot of suits. They also had some quite decent 100%cashmere overcoats for ~ $750. A big mess of ties that I didn't feel like going through. Does anyone know if they add goods as the days progress?
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Does anyone know if they add goods as the days progress
To the best of my knowledge they do not add more product to the sale. Sometimes as they condense the rack etc...something that was misplaced shows up. Like 48L stuck in the 44R section but thats about it...
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I saw that those C&J Handgrade Seymours in Size 7 were still there for some lucky tiny-footed guy. I was actually looking for a lined raincoat and was disappointed by the offerings. All Chinese made house brand stuff that I've never seen in the store. I did see Andy Richter (another Andy&#33 trying on sportcoats. Saw a nice Isia suit and a couple Canali, but most wasn't impressive.
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Stopped by today and checked out the shoe selection; unfortunately, nothing in the 8.5 to 9 range really piqued my interest. Most were non-descript Bruno Magli corrected-grain contraptions. The only things that remotely caught my eye were a pair of Peluso suede chukkas and a pair of Y3s, marked down to about $100 and change. Maybe I'll swing by again and pick them up for eBaying. There's actually not a bad selection in some other areas; a lot of suits and sport coats, though many were Marzotto junk. I was surprised to see a healthy stock of Rogans (Original fit, in the 'slow burn' wash, heavily distressed with patched holes) in sizes 33 and 34. They'll probably be gone the next time I head back, but if anyone wants them or anything else, I'll check.
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Any good shoes in size 13? Chukka or other boots would be nice.
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